The ultimate travel accessory for mums this summer: Melobaby makes travel with babies easy and stylish.

Travelling with kids, particularly with babies, is no mean feat. Most mums would rather go through childbirth again than get on a plane with a baby! Not only is there the stress of feeding, nappy changing and trying to keep them from driving everyone else insane, there's just so much paraphernalia! At least Melobaby, the super stylish, super compact portable nappy changing pouch can help relieve a little.

Best of all Melobaby all-in-one wallets and change mats are so compact they fit inside most handbags, so there's no need for ugly, bulky nappy bags. But if they have to be out of display they actually look like quite a smart clutch bag- or man bag!

The brainchild of Sydneysider Melissa Walsh, a busy mum of two whose job involved a lot of travelling, the Melobaby all-in-one nappy wallet and change mat was borne out of frustration with carrying unnecessarily cumbersome nappy, changing bags and separate, vinyl change mattsÂ… fiddly, time-consuming, impractical and expensive products that made unattractive accessories.

Melobaby's all in one nappy wallet and portable change mat has been nominated in the UK by Mother and Baby as what every mum wants- it functions beautifully and looks good. Uniquely designed, stylish, sophisticated, compact and functional answer for your baby changing needs, the Melobaby all-in-one nappy wallet and change mat looks like a smart clutch bag, fits neatly into most handbags and purses and holds everything required for changing a baby or toddler on the go.

It's a perfect gift for baby showers, mothers-to-be and in neutral tones (black/cream and chocolate/apple green), even Dads will be happy to be seen with one!

Sold all around the world and a sell-out product in celebrity baby stores such as Bel Bambini in LA, Melobaby products have been researched, tried and tested to give mums and dads the best quality, ease of use, space-saving functionality and above all else, style!

"We spent four years sourcing the best materials, testing durability and practicality and designing something that mothers want to show off and fathers feel confident carrying, says Melissa. Parenting accessories tend to be bulky and unfashionable, focusing on the baby and forgetting the mother. The Melobaby all-in-one nappy wallet and change matt is different, sleek and sophisticated, with the aim of empowering parents with attractive and functional solutions."

The Melobaby all-in-one nappy wallet and change mat has the following fabulous benefits:
- Unique 2-fold operation- 26cm x 16cm (fits inside most handbags)
- All-in-one, changing pad attached inside which opens to 50cm x 32cm
- Magnetic clasp and attachments
- Soft fleece change mat 100% machine washable
- Funky refillable wipes purse included
- Dad friendly

Review: Today's mums are not interested in lugging around big nappy bags, Melobaby has the perfect solution to getting you out and about with everything you need in a style Wallet.

Melobaby All in One Wallet
RRP: $64.95

Change Mat
RRP: $24.95
for the spare change mat.

Available in two colours: Melonoir- Black wallet with Charcoal fleece mat; Melochoc- Choc brown wallet with Lime fleece mat.

Melobaby products are available online at and through independent stockists and department stores throughout Australia.