Majors for Minors

Majors for Minors

Give new parents the gift of sleep this Christmas

"Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education" - Plato

What new parents really want for Christmas is a good nights sleep. You can now deliver this precious gift with the launch of the Symphony of Sleep CD which is part of the Majors for Minors, Brain Food for Kids music collection.

The 'Symphony of Sleep' CD is a compilation of classically orchestrated music that has been scientifically designed to calm the body and the mind into a state of sleepiness.

"The CD was developed in conjunction with a team of experts, after analysing current research into the benefits that certain classical music has on the brain," said Steven Kruyer, Director of Promark Marketing Australia.

"Scientific research demonstrates the positive effect of classical music on the development of babies in the womb, newborn babies, toddlers and young children," he said.

"Some of the Majors for Minors CDs have been produced with the use of one key throughout which has a similar effect to 'pink noise.' Pink Noise has been shown to have a positive effect on the brain. Another element is frequency. The sound of the flute, in parts of the music is almost identical to the frequency of a whale call."

'Majors for Minors' CDs have the power to relax, calm, stimulate or excite your child.

Each 'Majors for Minors' CD has been specifically designed to either have an ACTIVE or PASSIVE effect on the listener.

"Passive music is intended to calm the child down and induce sleepiness. Hyperactive children will benefit if passive music is played softly in the background, encouraging them to sleep well, whilst increasing memory and concentration span," said Professor Annette Lotter, a children's training consultant and edu-kinesiologist.

Active music is intended to stimulate the child's brain, it will ensure that neither sleep nor stress is present in the brain.

Other CDs in the 'Majors for Minors' collection include 'Mozart for Minors', 'Classical Music Nursery Rhymes', 'Baroque for Babies', 'Bee Gees for Babies' and 'Playtime and Bedtime with Bach'.

The CDs are available at selected baby, nursery, pharmacy, toy and gift stores. The recommended retail price is $29.95 A percentage of each sale will be donated to The Red Cross Trauma Teddy Division.

'Majors for Minors' is the ideal Christmas gift for babies, toddlers, mums and mums-to-be.
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