Made for Me Breast Pump

Made for Me Breast Pump

Daisy Pearce (AFLW Captain and midwife) and Alex Pendlebury (nutritionist, TV host and AFL wife) have teamed up to encourage women not to ignore their comfort and emotional well-being during the early stages of parenthood.

Whatever stage of motherhood you're in, whatever type of parent you choose to be, these Aussie mums are calling on women to be kind on themselves and each other.

As ambassadors and brand partners to Tommee Tippee, the duo are sharing their experiences and advice to help show that every parent's journey and style is inevitably different, and that's okay.

When Daisy became a first-time mum to twins in February 2019, she embarked on an exciting new journey that required a huge amount of strength and perseverance.

Talking about her personal experience as a midwife and a mother, Daisy said: "Welcoming a newborn is one of the biggest moments in life and, while it's amazing and exciting, it is incredibly overwhelming. As a mum, you have to learn as quickly as possible to care for and comfort your little ones. Obviously feeding is one of the first things to get to grips with and this can be challenging. Every woman's experience is different, no matter how many kids they have.

"I'm supporting the Made for Me campaign to help bring awareness to the fact all mums are unique and, whatever feeding journey they go on, they all deserve support. I welcome any solutions that can be adapted to suit individuals and that help make life that little bit easier at a time when you really just want to be as comfy and happy as possible."

The new Made for Me breast pump and accessories range from Tommee Tippee has been developed with this thinking in mind. Its collection supports all mums whether they're breastfeeding, getting rid of over production, expressing for bottles or to save up stock.

The brand has engaged the help of these well-known mums to help show all women that, as long as they're doing what feels best for them and their baby, they are on the right track.

Alex Pendlebury welcomed her second child, baby girl Darcy Rose, in November 2019. As a busy working mum, Alex shares her motherhood experience through her social media including how she's choosing to do the best by Darcy and herself, posting about her breastfeeding journey and managing this as she returns to work.

Alex said: "Caring for a newborn while also looking after a toddler is a totally different experience to the first. Like for all parents, it's a bit of juggling act to make sure I'm doing the best for Darcy and Jax, getting everything done and also trying to look after myself too.

"I believe that all women should be given the freedom to work out their own path when it comes to nursing and parenting. As a society, we would all benefit from being kinder to each other, as well as to ourselves. There are so many factors to consider when it comes to being a parent these days; added pressure from the outside is really not necessary.

"For me, any support or tools that can ease the pressures of being a new mum are more than welcome, and Tommee Tippee's new Made for Me breastfeeding range supports all types of nursing for all types of mothers. The new pumps and storage bags are great to pump and store breast milk when I'm working or at an event, while the silicone pump is a winner for when I'm feeding to catch excess milk on the other side (you would be surprised how much you collect!). The natural nipple cream is a favourite too, and can even double as a lip balm!

"This International Women's Day, I urge all of us to support and celebrate each other. Let's put the focus on how amazing it is to be 'mum' and how great we all are at it - and at all of the other roles we manage too!"

Tommee Tippee's new Made for Me range supports all types of nursing for all types of mothers.
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