Lizzie Bland Self Care Interview

Lizzie Bland Self Care Interview

5 Ways to Practice Self Care Tonight with New Mama and Trainer, Lizzie Bland

Question: Congratulations on the birth of baby Rafferty; how are you feeling?

Lizzie Bland: I'm feeling great actually, I'm managing to get a good amount of sleep as at the moment he sleeps pretty well- saying that I'm touching wood as I'm sure it'll change in an instant!

Question: How has the way you practice self-care changed now you're a mother?

Lizzie Bland: Self-care to me is rest and luckily my partner shares the feeding at nights with my expressed milk, so I get lots of sleep. I also have amazing friends who help loads if I want to have a couple of hours to myself to get admin done (i.e. my nails/hair… maybe some emails).

Question: What are five realistic ways new mothers can practice self-care?

Lizzie Bland: Get some alone time - before the rest of the house is awake, have a long shower or do a facial, but try not to look at your phone as you'll probably waste that precious time scrolling on Instagram! Treat yourself to meal delivery service so you can eat healthily when you have no time to cook.

Exercise: you can either go to a mums and bubs class or simply just go for a walk. The benefits of exercise on your mind let alone your body are endless. Get a babysitter so you and your partner or friend can go for dinner. Take some deep breaths or meditate for at least five minutes a day.

Question: How can partners and family support a new mother hoping to practice self-care?

Lizzie Bland: By taking a hold on the other jobs that can be done without you. You'll be feeding on demand for the first few weeks so if having a clean house and healthy meals makes you happy, then ask your partner or outsource these things where possible. The thought of having a long relaxing bath or being able to read a book in silence for half an hour is the DREAM, so offer to take the baby out in the pram for a stroll.

Question: How did pregnancy and motherhood make you overhaul the products you use?

Lizzie Bland: It was the first time I really thought about it and had a big cupboard clear-out. I chucked so much out which seemed a waste but now i use one product for so many things. For example, I use Rosehip oil from RosehipPLUS on my face after cleansing but also on my chest and belly to help prevent stretch marks.

Question: Can you talk us through how you are transitioning back to exercising?

Lizzie Bland: Luckily, at my studio Lean Bean Fitness in Bondi we have mums and bubs Pilates style classes every day during the week so when I'm not teaching them, I'm there doing them with Raf. The classes are for every level from six weeks postpartum so I'm taking it very easy and slow at the moment.

Question: Are you able to tell us what we'd find in your nappy bag?

Lizzie Bland: A compact changing mat with nappies and wipes, a bag of spare clothes (poopsplosions are real thing), a few muslin cloths, water and snacks like nuts, fruit and cereal bars - breastfeeding is hungry work.

Question: How has your use of RosehipPLUS changed over the past couple of months?

Lizzie Bland: Because I now have less time for my skincare regime, it's become very quick and simple. I have a RosehipPLUS oil on the side where i breastfeed (along with a nail file, lip balm and baby wipes) so when I'm sitting there I can pamper; multitasking at its best.

Question: What advice do you have for a new mother?

Lizzie Bland: You are still exactly the same as you were before so don't forget about what's important to you. If your Sunday thing was getting a massage, then do everything you can to get it, even if that means brining the pram in with you.

Interview by Brooke Hunter