Babies, Boobs and Dirty Dancing

Babies, Boobs and Dirty Dancing

Babies, Boobs and Dirty Dancing – Nobody Puts Baby (or breastfeeding mums) in the Corner!

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and best-selling baby care author (and one of Australia's best known breastfeeding advocates) Pinky McKay is out to bust the myth that breastfeeding ties mothers down. And, to celebrate Mother's Day, Pinky is taking 100 mums and babies to the movies - they will be watching the all-time favourite 'Dirty Dancing'. She says, 'nobody gets to put baby - or breastfeeding mums - in the corner!'

As the creator of Pinky's Boobie Bikkies, all natural and organic cookies to nourish breastfeeding mums, Pinky has created a hashtag "whereareyoufeedingtoday" on Instagram that is seeing mums sharing 'brelfies' in all sorts of places and situations - and its going viral. The hashtag has generated over 3500 photos of women breastfeeding in situations as diverse as a fire fighter breastfeeding during a break from a training exercise; a mum breastfeeding while cooking sausages at a barbecue (boobies and bangers!), to a mum breastfeeding while visiting Santa. There are also mums breastfeeding in cafes, at the hairdresser and on the couch – because for some mums even breastfeeding comfortably at all is an achievement!

It was Pinky's concern about the stigma and self-doubt many women experience about breastfeeding in public that inspired the hashtag that began on her Boobie Bikkies Instagram page. She says, "of course in the early days and weeks mothers do need to respect the huge job their bodies have done growing and birthing a baby and it takes time to establish breastfeeding. However, the image of a mum stuck on a couch for months with a baby attached and not being able to have a life is so wrong. Your breastfed baby is completely portable. As soon as you feel ready, you can keep on doing what you have always done whether this is working, playing sport or getting out and about to a café or the beach."

Pinky says, "I see so many new mums who are stuck on the couch anxious about their milk supply but not eating well so they are exhausted and unable to manage basic day to day tasks, let alone get out and about. Then there are the concerns about breastfeeding in public and whether mums will receive negative feedback. This prospect can be really daunting to a new mum who is just mastering the art of breastfeeding and wrangling clothing and a baby while others are watching."

So, as well as creating Boobie Bikkies (all natural and organic cookies) and her brand new Boobie Brekkie (nutrient dense toasted muesli) to help nourish breastfeeding mums and support a healthy milk supply, Pinky offers lots of breastfeeding advice and encouragement on her blog and social media pages. According to Pinky, "the more we see mothers breastfeeding, the more normal it becomes and when we see how well women can multitask it gives other mums the confidence to get out and try things with their baby along too – breastfeeding doesn't have to tie you down at all.

Pinky's Boobie Bikkies are available in three different flavours; Vanilla, Orange and Cinnamon for $24.95 or Coconut, Date and Seed (which is Dairy and gluten free) for $25.95. Pinky McKay has also just released Boobie Brekkie, a nutrient dense toasted muesli that is wheat, dairy, yeast and sulphate free, vegan and rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids. For stockists or further information go to