Le Rêve Fragrance and Candle Trends 2014

Le Rêve Fragrance and Candle Trends 2014

Le Rêve Fragrance and Candle Trends 2014


Sydney-based company, Le Rêve have gained access to inside information on the fashion and fragrance trends expected worldwide in 2014 from its European perfume suppliers.


The brand is renowned for its highly concentrated Parfum which is stronger and longer lasting than diluted products such as eau de parfum and eau de toilette with Le Rêve parfum containing 30-35% essence in comparison to 5-20% found in most other perfumes on the market.


Le Rêve Candles are non-toxic with a 100% natural soy wax base saturated with high quality fragrance for maximum effect and pure cotton wick for healthy fragrance delivery.

2014 Trends:


SKYWATER – escape to a cool island paradise with aquatic, citrus or soft floral scents.

Island Dream Parfum – bergamot, freesia, frangipani, jasmine, tuberose, violetwood - $69.95 (50mL)

Coconut & Lime Candle – $49.50 (500g)

KALEIDOSCOPE – live young, be free and dare to make a statement with loud floriental or fruity fragrances.

Poetic Dream Parfum – blackcurrant, pear, orange blossom, iris, praline, patchouli, vanilla - $69.95 (50mL)

Mango Raspberry Twist Candle - $49.50 (500g)


SUPERNATURAL – enter the surreal realm of the supernatural with earthy, mossy or woody oriental aromas.

Mystical Dream Parfum – mandarin blossom, orange blossom, gardenia, vertiver, rose, honey - $69.95 (50mL)

Jasmine, Musk & Hazelnut Candle - $49.50 (500g)

Le Rêve is an Australian Company committed to caring for the environment by choosing to
manufacture without the involvement of animals, unlike some of its competitors, vegetarians and vegans can also enjoy these products.

All Le Rêve products are available to purchase from www.lereve.com.au or from a sales Consultant on 02 9840 8400.