InDepth Cases for the iPhone

InDepth Cases for the iPhone

InDepth Cases for the iPhone


Photographers and adventure enthusiasts Mark and Terry Geddes know the importance of staying safe in rugged conditions and second only to that, the importance of keeping their iPhones safe! Based in tropical northern Queensland, the pair are no strangers to extreme environments but they always struggled to find a case to protect their phones. As a result, they decided to create their own.


Introducing InDepth Cases - the first Australian-designed brand of durable, water-proof and weather-proof cases for the iPhone. Designed for adventurers, tradies and people who love activities involving both the outdoors and water, InDepth Cases are the toughest cases on the market. Furthermore, InDepth have developed an innovative integrated accessory system meaning users can attach their accessories simply and securely within seconds.


"Unlike other brands, our system means that people's accessories don't become obsolete when they choose to update their case. This future-proofing will save customers money in the long-run," says Mark.


The case's accessory attachment point means it is compatible with InDepth's comprehensive range of accessories including floating lanyards, bottle openers and bike mount equipment.


"In our line of work, it's essential that we keep our phones protected at all times in rain, hail or shine. The idea came about three years ago when we realised how precious and how vulnerable our phones really are. We've worked and re-worked our model to create something virtually indestructible, or as close as you can get," says Mark.


With approximately 5.5 million iPhone users in Australia alone, it is clear that Apple is dominating the smart phone market - the one limitation being its vulnerability to the elements.


"Most people have experienced the pain of a broken iPhone. Replacement costs can be astronomical, not to mention the hassle of losing valuable data," says Mark.


"Our cases are designed for everyone who spends time in the outdoors - recreationally or professionally. People who enjoy fishing and boating, adventurers, sportspeople, farmers and tradesmen would all benefit from protecting their phones from environmental dangers and inevitable wear and tear."


Protected from all the elements, including water, sandstorms, gales (and even children!), the InDepth Case will stand up to the most extreme conditions.


InDepth Cases are suitable for the iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 4/4s. The iPhone 5/5s is available in orange, grey, pink and black.


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RRP $99.95 for iPhone 5/5s case.