Dulux Autumn Colour Trend Prediction: Bright and Bold

Dulux Autumn Colour Trend Prediction: Bright and Bold

Dulux Autumn Colour Trend Prediction: Bright and Bold

Dulux predicts blended shades of orange and pink will reveal a contemporary change from a traditional Autumnal palette, inspired by nature, as seen in previous years.

Dulux colour expert Andrea Lucena-Orr says while golds and warmer hues of rich reds and faded oranges  will still be popular, there is an emerging trend for brighter bursts of colour.

'Hues in punchy oranges and pinks are predicted to be used by homeowners this Autumn, drawing on the  global fusion of tribal aesthetics and exotic mix borrowed from many cultures," says Andrea. 'We are also  seeing that whites are warming up in the forecast."

Creating your perfect Autumn sanctuary can be easily achieved by adding rich and lush textiles together  with earthy and warm hues or bold block colours.

Trending colours this year include hues from the recently released Digital Nomads palette, as part of Dulux's 2014 Colour Forecast 'Future Tribes".

'The single standout is Dulux Mexican Standoff, an exciting colour from Dulux, that will instantly invigorate your space with a pop of colour," says Andrea.


Andrea's tips for homeowners using colour this Autumn are: 'Introduce block colours in bright and deep  hues for a quick impact in the space," she says. 'Don't be afraid to combine these colours and introduce soft furnishings in darker and moody hues."

Dulux Mexican Standoff is an invigorating colour, a contemporary change from traditional autumnal hues Dulux Goldie is a fun and bold colour that creates warmth.


Combine with a combination of deeper reds to enrich the space Dulux Morocco is an earth-inspired hue that is luscious and can establish a sense of wellbeing Dulux Red Stop is a rich, deep red that is perfect with dark timbers, to help create an inviting space Dulux Curd is an ochre-inspired white that complements bold and rich colours.

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