Konfidence Float Suits

Konfidence Float Suits

Konfidence Float Suits

Whether you are at the beach or the pool, you want to keep your little ones safe near water. Parents often resort to flotation devices, whether they are jackets, arm bands or rubber rings but some of them look pretty ordinary. This new baby and toddler Float suit from Konfidence looks cute whilst being totally practical.

One of the benefits of the Konfidence Floatsuit is that the eight floats are removable, so that depending on their weight and as your child grows more confident in the water, some of the floats can be removed.

The band of floats around the chest keeps them buoyant but also allows them freedom to move their arms and start forming strokes. It is a better alternative than many other floatation devices as it is less restrictive.

These charming new Float suits are available in pink and white, or blue and white stripes. They are made of soft poly cotton fabric containing Lycra for comfort.

Younger children can also wear the Konfidence One Size Swim Nappy underneath to prevent any mishaps while in the water. These adjustable nappies can be opened up using the velcro tabs on the side making them easy to get on a wriggling bub!

Konfidence designs top-of-the-range protective swimwear for babies, infants and children. All of the products offer value for money, safety and comfort thanks to its strong collaboration with swimming teachers and parents.

The Float suits cost $39.95 and the One Size Swim Nappies are $13.95. They can be purchased online at www.konfidence.com.au or check the website for a stockist near you.

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