Extra Eyes and Ears from Uniden

Extra Eyes and Ears from Uniden

Extra Eyes and Ears from Uniden

For parents who dream of having eyes in the back of their head, Uniden has introduced the UWS 1113 digital wireless surveillance system.

Offering plug and play functionality, the wireless system can be easily picked up and relocated from room to room and even outdoors as children move from the bedroom to the backyard.

Featuring a 3.5 inch wireless video monitor, a compact portable wireless camera and a weatherproof wireless camera suitable for outdoor use, the UWS 1113 system enables Mums and Dads to keep an eye and ear on activity around the home.

Both cameras offer infrared night vision – use one as a baby monitor and the other to monitor mysterious bumps in the night outside the home. The discreet portable camera also comes with a built in microphone, providing valuable audio clues to enhance the visual experience.

The monitor offers colour display with a choice of full screen view or auto scan from camera to camera. There is also digital zoom, pan and tilt capability and they can be easily connected to a television via standard RCA cables for big screen viewing. Both the portable camera and the monitor include a LION rechargeable battery with up to four hours battery life.

Uniden's wireless video surveillance products utilise digital FHSS technology for a secure, interference-free experience, with signals capable of being wirelessly transmitted up to 150 metres.

Capable of supporting one monitor and up to four cameras, Uniden's UWS 1113 can be expanded into a high-end home security solution. With scheduled recordings, playback feature and smart motion detection, the system offers further peace of mind for homeowners wanting to help ensure their family's safety.

Uniden will soon also release a free software upgrade which will allow users to remotely check the monitor from anywhere in the world via the internet. Whether logging in from work or while away on holidays, access to the system will never be more than a click away.

Uniden's UWS 1113 Digital Wireless Surveillance System
RRP: $329.95
Available from leading electrical retailers.

For customer enquiries visit the Uniden website www.uniden.com.au or phone (02) 9599 3355.