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Home Sorted! is the brainchild of Melbourne based mother-of-three Nina Rosace. For fourteen years, Nina and her husband Robert have run a successful building and decorating business and, with three young children, Nina realised early on that the most important way to manage her world was to be organised.

She found too that many of her clients were finding it difficult to manage everything and needed help. 'I was hearing on a regular basis that they were struggling to find a happy balance,' says Nina.

However, helping them individually became time consuming, so Nina decided the best way to help everyone was to write a book, which she self-published. Never having written a book before, Nina had a steep learning curve ahead of her, but quickly sourced a graphic designer, printer and researched all the legal requirements to publishing her own book. This was so successful that The Five Mile Press decided to publish Home Sorted! in April 2011, and Baby Sorted!, Kids Sorted! and Christmas Sorted! over the upcoming year.

Nina has been featured in the Herald Sun and on Today Tonight.

Mother-of-three Nina Rosace has a background in retail management and banking. She worked as a Mortgage and Personal Loans officer before taking time off work to have her three children.

Nina and her husband decided to start their own highly successful Painting and Decorating business that led to Nina discovering her knack for getting organised and balancing a busy home life and career. Today, Nina is not only an entrepreneur and a published author but also a mother who has discovered the secrets to getting her home sorted!

Home Sorted
Five Mile Press
Author: Nina Rosace
ISBN: 9781742488073
Price: $19.95

Interview with Nina Rosace

Question: What can readers expect from Home Sorted! that is different to your other titles?

Nina Rosace: Home Sorted! basically takes you through each room of your house step-by-step and is broken down a lot more than the other books, to be honest. Rather than being a general book about how you should organise your home it breaks it down, per room and each room is organised in about seven steps, or even less for smaller rooms. All of the books are easy to refer to but Home Sorted! is even easier again because it is broken into rooms.

Question: Why should we focus on organising one room at a time? Which room is the best to start in?

Nina Rosace: The kitchen. Your kitchen is your everything, that is were your family comes together. The kitchen is the family meals area and I'd say you spend about 80% of your time, when you're at home, in the kitchen. When you get home from work you prepare your meals in the kitchen and when your kids come home they do their homework at the kitchen table. The kitchen has to be a warm and inviting area for the family and when there is a lot of clutter it makes a huge difference.

The kitchen and the bathroom are you main areas, but 100% the kitchen has to be the initial focus.

Question: What tips do you have for organising the kitchen?

Nina Rosace: The first thing is that you have to cull. Starting from the start you have to allocate a day, per room. If you're going to do your kitchen it will take a day and the bathroom will be a separate day and the laundry will also have its own day. You need to have two garbage bags on hand: one is for things you want to give to the poor or family and friends and the second is rubbish such as chip platters that sit in the back of the cupboard, never get used and you honestly don't need them.

Question: Can you share some of your quick cooking tips with us?

Nina Rosace: With the cooking we have two binders, it is very difficult to know what to cook every night of the week and I have three core products to help with this. One is your daily members tab, the second is your recipe index tab and the third is the shopping list. Basically you sort through all of your recipes whether they are from newspapers, magazines or recipe books and you copy the recipes from the source rather than having a bulk pile of recipes and recipe books that add to the clutter. I recommend that you copy your favourite recipes and in your daily menu you allocate a recipe per day. Firstly you file all of your recipes into: seafoods, meats, pastas, desserts etc in your first binder. In your second binder you allocate a meal per day via filing and because they are in the filing system they are easy to refer to when you need to cook Monday through to Sunday. From there you have your shopping list where you write the ingredients that you need.

I have a tab called 'Quick Fix' that is perfect for a weeknight or Friday night meal when you cannot be bothered preparing a really big meal. The Quick Fix tab contains recipes with four or five ingredients that are quick rather than taking the option of takeaway with extra calories.

Interview by Brooke Hunter

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