Ajax Spray and Wipe Wipes

Ajax Spray and Wipe Wipes

Ajax Spray and Wipe Wipes

Constantly cleaning up spills and messes around the home? After a quick-hit solution that cleans with the minimum of fuss? Introducing new Ajax Spray n' Wipe Easy Lift Out Wipes - allowing you to take on mess single-handedly.

We've all experienced it. You're in the middle of cooking and accidentally spill a jar of sauce or drip some oil on the kitchen bench. Rather than having to reach for a cloth and cleaning spray, new Ajax Spray n' Wipe Easy Lift Out Wipes allow you to tackle spills without having to stop what you're doing!

The easy lift out tub allows you to quickly and easily clean up messes around the home. The wipes fresh fragrance and thick fabric are designed to trap dirt and spills in one effortless wipe, leaving surfaces sparkling clean so messes are no longer a hassle. Store the compact tub around the home or in the car so you're prepared for any mess that pops up. Store the compact tub around the home or in the car so you're prepared for any mess that pops up.

From the kitchen bench, to the coffee table or bathroom vanity, the conveniently large perforated wipes can be split in half so you can use two wipes to clean up spills faster. Perfect for cleaning the office desk and phone - notorious for picking up dirt and grime.

Ajax Spray n' Wipe Easy Lift Out Wipes are available in a 40-pack tub priced at $4.99 (RRP) and refill with your choice of Antibacterial or Long Lasting Fragrance - 36-pack priced at $3.99 (RRP).

Both are available at your nearest supermarket now. For further information please call Colgate-Palmolive's Consumer Information Service on 1800 802 307.

Turning 40? It's Time You Let Your House Go!

National survey reveals those in their 40's are the laziest cleaners

It's common knowledge the prospect of a mid-life crisis usually brings about an extravagant purchase, new relationship or travelling adventure, but new research out today reveals turning 40 also brings with it a lazy attitude towards household cleaning.

The National Cleaning Report, commissioned by Ajax Spray n' Wipe Multipurpose Wipes to uncover Australia's attitudes toward household cleanliness, found those aged 40 - 49 are the most turned off by simple cleaning tasks - with 1 in 5 claiming "I'm really not one for cleaning" and leaving simple messes like worktop spills for hours before bothering to clean them up.

When it comes to the amount of time Aussies dedicate to keeping on top of their household chores, the report found more than half of the population (52%) spend more than 15 minutes per day cleaning up messes around the home. Some people even spend up to 3 hours or more!

And when it comes to professions, 43% of those in banking/law/finance services spend less than 15 minutes per day cleaning up their household. It is quite understandable, given they may have quite a demanding schedule.

As for the most annoying messes, Australians rate wiping dirt from the window frames and furniture as THE most frustrating household chore (40%), followed closely by wiping spills off the stove after cooking (32%) and cleaning up hair and messes in the bathroom (26%).

Ajax Spray n' Wipe Brand Ambassador, Paula Duncan, says she isn't surprised by these findings: "As a mother and home-maker, I can really relate to Australia's frustration with cleaning up spills and messes in the home - even the small tasks can take hours of our time each day!"

The report also revealed:
Women (27%) are more likely than men (23%) to clean up mess in seconds, while 13% of men admit they wait for someone else to do it
Perth is the laziest Australian city when it comes to cleaning, with one in five putting off a job if it takes longer than 10 minutes to complete
Queenslanders have the "best" attitude towards cleaning. More than half of people there think a clean house is important to them, so they have no qualms with doing it.

Loved by Australians for decades, Ajax Spray n' Wipe now provides you Easy Lift-Out Wipes. It's perfect for encouraging the whole family to get hands on with cleaning and available in supermarkets now.