Hayley Clare

Hayley Clare

Hayley Clare

With a voice like an angel it's no wonder great things are expected from Hayley Clare's self titled debut album.

The first featured track from the album, The Driving Song, has a distinct country flavour. The album offers a range of gems covering everything from jazz, pop, folk and some beautiful ballads.

"I'm really proud of this album," says Hayley, "I've had a lot of musical influences and different types of training over the years, but for this album I really felt it was time to strip it all back and build my own sound."

Hayley Clare has been performing in Australia and around the world from the ripe old age of 16 years. Her tribute to Eva Cassidy, Songbird, had back to back seasons at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She has been no stranger to the jazz circuit with performances at Melbourne's Bennett's Lane and the Speigeltent at the Arts Centre, and The Basement in Sydney and the Canberra Playhouse.

According to Melbourne Stage Online Hayley is gaining a reputation for her poignant, subtle and emotional song writing. This is evident in her new album. Hayley's lyrics show a sophistication and depth far beyond her years.

Hayley Clare is soon to be married so it's no surprise that this album focuses on love and relationships. "I feel like I'm not only releasing this album," Says Hayley, "but I'm releasing some past relationships and mending some old wounds. It is a time of new beginnings for me in many ways."

Hayley Clare is signed to Petrophonic Productions. Director, Petros Georgiades, can't wait to share Hayley's voice with the world. "She is a phenomenal talent," explains Petros, "her voice is mesmerizing. It is both strong and soulful simultaneously. I'm sure she will do very well."

The album includes the following tracks:
1. The Driving Song
2. Blurred
3. Bianca
4. And So
5. Home to Me
6. Because of you
7. Room for Everyone
8. Can't Stop
9. Time
10. Should Have Known Better
11. Too late
12. Lose My Words
13. The Promise

Review: Hayley Clare has an outstanding voice that is showcased throughout her emotive music. 'The Driving Song' needs to be on every road-trip mix, so you too can tap your steering wheel whilst driving through any town, city or suburb. It is impossible to class Hayley Clare's music into one genre; she is within her own genre that combines pop, folk and jazz melodies. Try listening to 'Fever', I promise her vocals will give you shivers...

Hayley's album is available on iTunes or from her website www.hayleyclare.com