Guidelines to Baby Proof the Home Area

Guidelines to Baby Proof the Home Area for the Safety of Baby

The thought which always haunts a parents mind is safety of their baby. Parents try to find out ways and means which assure them the safety of their babies. For this they may refer to different books, obtain expert opinions and sometimes professional help. Baby proofing becomes much easier when we look at the room down from the baby's level and find the threats to them. Clear the thing above or at the chest level.

Baby Proofing the home
Home can be made a safe place for your baby by putting a safety door at the end of the room. To prohibit the child from turning the knobs of the doors parents may use door knob covers. Install rubber stoppers at the door tops as it can prevent the fingers of the baby being pinched in the door. Removal of rubber tips from the door stopper prevents choking of the child. Electrical cords and the outlets should be covered with plastic plugs as they may attract the baby.

Baby proof your nursery
The crib is the safest place in the house. Most of the baby's time during the day and at night when he is alone is spent here. Hence baby proof nursery is required to assure you that he is safe. The crib should be placed at the proper location away from the lamp sheds, windows and the decorative items in the room. The furniture and the artworks on them should be placed away from the crib. Pillows, extra beddings and the soft toys can cause suffocation to the child. Baby products, lotions and ointments should be kept in the dresser.

Prevent Baby from the window blinds
Children are attracted towards opening and closing of windows. The movement of window may be restricted with use of stopper. The window blind should also protect the child from falling out of the window. The straps should be properly tied as the can strangulate the child.

Baby proof the staircase
Stairways can be a threat to the baby's life. The baby can be protected by installing a gate at the top and bottom of the stairs. A wall mounted gate is more beneficial as it does not allow the child to slide down the stairs. Use of railings, plastic banisters or netting the stairs can also keep the child safe.

Baby proofing of the kitchen
Kitchen is the most admired by the baby. The cleaning materials used in the kitchens are to be kept away from him. The doors of the cabinets and the refrigerator should be child locked. The child should be kept away from the knobs of the microwave and the stoves by using locks.

Maintaining Bathroom safety
The baby can be kept off the bathroom by using a simple baby lock. This keeps him away from the various cleaning items and the pet food in the bathroom. Major risk in the bathroom is drowning of the baby.

By keeping in mind all these areas of the house, a baby can be allowed to move crawl or walk freely in the house and be safe. Why is baby-proofing essential before you have to be rushed to the hospital? Well the answer is simple. You are not likely to have much time once the baby arrives and the last thing that you need is banging and clanging as you install the safety gates and more. So check out these handy tips at the author's site to ensure you have covered all areas.