Forgiveness and Other Acts of Love

Forgiveness and Other Acts of Love

Forgiveness and Other Acts of Love

Find true value in your life.

In this groundbreaking book Stephanie Dowrick reconsiders the six great humane virtues that can literally transform the way we see ourselves and others; the way we meet and move through difficulties or grief; the way that we can newly appreciate the treasure our own and others' gift of life.

Starting with the essential quality of courage, Stephanie also unpicks and makes newly relevant the timeless qualities of fidelity, restraint, generosity, tolerance and - finally- forgiveness. None of these transformative qualities, as she shows, are learned in the abstract. Until they are bought to life through daily existence they remain nothing but high ideals. But when lived, and especially when lived in the grit of difficult or challenging moments, they are profoundly life giving and supportive.

Using a range of stories including her own, together with a rare breadth of psychosocial and spiritual experience and insight, Stephanie Dowrick offers a book that can illuminate some of life's toughest questions and restore your faith in what really matters.

"A powerful and moving book by a wise woman." - Michael King, Metro.
"This is indeed a book which I would hold in my hands in a time of trouble, just to let its wisdom and reassurance seep into my bones; to remind me what is possible; to encourage me to stand firm for my own values; to retrieve order from chaos and to restore me to calm." Caroline Jones, Sydney Morning Herald.

Stephanie Dowrick, PhD, has the rare distinction of writing critically acclaimed fiction and non-fiction that have also been best sellers. Her books include Intimacy and Solitude, Forgiveness and Other Acts of Love, The Universal Heart and Choosing Happiness. Formerly a publisher and founder of The Woman's Press, London, she writes and teaches on a variety of spiritual, psychological and literary issues. Stephanie is also an ordained Interfaith Minister and an Adjunct Fellow with the Writing and Society Research Group at the University of Western Sydney. She has lived in Sydney since 1983.

Forgiveness and Other Acts of Love
Allen and Unwin
Author: Stephanie Dowrick
ISBN: 9781742372266
Price: $26.99