Dreambaby Magnetic Sure-Close Gate with Watch The Step

Dreambaby Magnetic Sure-Close Gate with Watch The Step

Dreambaby Magnetic Sure-Close Gate with Watch The Step

Dreambaby®, the industry leader in child safety and care is launching the Dreambaby® Magnetic Sure-Close Gate with Ezy Check indicators and an auto triple lock feature. This represents the latest in safety gate technology. The magnetic feature uses magnetic strength to auto-close the gate for convenience and added safety while the Ezy Check indicators give total peace of mind. Located on both the TOP and FRONT of the gate, the indicators take the guesswork and time out of ensuring the gate is locked and doing its dedicated job! When the indicator is GREEN, the gate is LOCKED, when the indicator is RED, the gate is UNLOCKED. The Magnetic Sure-Close Gate also comes with a triple lock feature which automatically triple locks in three separate places to ensure maximum safety and security!

Appealing to all busy parents and carers, the Magnetic Sure-Close Gate is easy to open requiring just one hand to grip and operate the gate latch. It also conveniently opens in both directions, or can be set to only open in one direction, depending on your thoroughfare. And when required, the Magnetic Sure-Close Gate can also stay open without the locking system automatically activating. Handy for when the grand kids have gone home!

Ideal for placing at the top or bottom of the staircase, or in fact for use in any area you would like to block off, the Magnetic Sure-Close Gate is intended for use with children six months to 24 months in age. This gate is also perfect for families with pets, blocking access to unsafe areas and also keeping dogs and children separated when needed.

The standard Magnetic Sure-Close Gate is suitable for openings measuring 76 - 83cm in width; however the Magnetic Sure-Close Gate can extend up to 2.93m with optional extensions which can be added easily to suit wider openings and areas around the home. Simply measure and add the appropriate extension available in the following sizes;
F871S - 7cm
F872S - 14cm
F873S - 28cm
F874S - 42cm
F875S - 56cm
F876S - 70cm
F877S - 105cm

Dreambaby® Magnetic Sure-Close Gate (F870S) has a RRP of $119.95 and is available at is available through leading hardware and baby stores nationally.

Dreambaby Watch-The-Step Gate Ramp
The new Dreambaby® Watch-the-Step™ Gate Ramp is the best invention since the safety gate! Easily retrofitted to all Dreambaby® pressure mounted gates, including the new Dreambaby® Magnetic Sure Close gate as well as most other pressure mounted gates, it fits perfectly under your safety gate and flush with the floor and has been designed with a textured surface for added grip. It is suitable for use in both the top and bottom of stairs and allows for two ways openings making using a child safety gate even more convenient.

The Dreambaby® Watch-the-Step™ Gate Ramp is easy to install. Simply position the ramp under the lower bar of the pressure mounted gate, in line with the opening gate door. Then pop the gate into the ramp slot and continue to install the pressure mounted gate as per the manufacturer's instructions. It's also just as easy to remove and requires no adhesion or gluing so it's ideal for homeowners and tenants alike. Protected caps on the reverse of the ramp help protect the surface of the floor, which is another bonus. Simple to clean, with a wet wipe or soapy water, the Dreambaby® Watch-the-Step™ Gate Ramp is a must for all gate owners!

Review: The Dreambaby® range is made from high quality materials ensuring that your most precious people are kept safe and that they last through numerous kids (and sometimes pets).

The Dreambaby® Watch-the-Step™ Gate Ramp has an RRP $17.95 and is available through leading hardware, toy and baby stores nationally.

Visit the Dreambaby® web site at www.dreambaby.com.au or call (02) 9386 4000 or in New Zealand, call (09) 274 8788. Become a Dreambaby® fan: www.facebook.com/Dreambabysafety