Dreambaby Extendable Grohangers

Dreambaby Extendable Grohangers

Dreambaby Extendable Grohangers

At last, a clothes hanger that moves and grows with your family. No more garments slipping off the hanger and landing on floor of your children's wardrobe! The new Dreambaby® Extendable Grohangers™ are ideal for both tops and bottoms and are great for keeping your children organised and tidy. They easily extend to accommodate your child's clothing as they grow!

The Dreambaby® Grohangers™ are an instant wardrobe storage "relief" making them a time-saving solution to many parents, particular ones with a few or more children! Baby's clothes are so gorgeous when they are hung up neatly in the wardrobe, but as we know, this phase doesn't last long! Before you know it, you have a preschooler, or primary aged child who needs a larger, longer coat hanger. With the Dreambaby® Grohanger™, simply extend the hanger as you need to, making it easy for parents AND children to hang up clothes. From preschools trousers to school tunics, sports shirts and weekend wear, get organised, simply and efficiently with the new Dreambaby® Grohanger™.

Here are some tips for using the Dreambaby® Grohanger™, and achieving (and maintaining) an organised wardrobe!

Start off your wardrobe organisation make over with a good supply of Dreambaby® Grohangers™. Available in white, these are great for either boys or girls' wardrobes.

Sort out the garments you are keeping, throw out or recycle clothes your children no longer need.

One by one...adjust the Grohangers™ to the garments as you go, as some (same sized) clothes have deeper necks, shorter elastic waists etc. The Dreambaby® Grohangers™ extend by simply pulling out the arms of the hanger, to your desired length.

Divide and conquer! Sort out clothes for the weekdays, i.e. sports and school tunics, preschool uniforms, and place on one side of the wardrobe; place the weekend clothes on the other side of the wardrobe. This is a simple way to teach your children how to be organised, and also assists with morning routines, especially if you have very early starts!

Teach your children from an early age to put their clean clothes neatly away by themselves. They will love the autonomy and you will love the new found "children's wardrobe freedom"!

Dreambaby® Grohangers™ will be sure to get your children's wardrobes organised for years to come!
Available in packs of four, Dreambaby® Grohangers™ have an RRP $5.95, and are available through leading baby stores.

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