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How do you get your Free book and luggage set?

Simply select your 5 books from $1 each from any of the great titles featured.

Offer is strictly limited and is only available while stocks last. This offer is not open to existing Doubleday Book Club Members.

6 Great Reasons to join Doubleday Book Club TODAY!

  1. SAVE up to $364 on your introductory selection of 5 books plus your extra free book and gift!
    SAVE MORE - Continue to save up to 30% on the titles you'll be offered as a member.
    SAVE EVEN MORE - VIP discounts apply after 6 club purchases.
  2. EXCLUSIVE access to hand-picked Editors' Choices plus the best & latest bestsellers, fiction, non-fiction, gardening, cooking, children's and reference titles. Over 2,000 titles offered each year.
  3. FREE monthly magazines packed full of the latest books and reviews. Approximately every 2 months, an outstanding set or title is chosen as the Editor's Choice. To receive the Editor's Choice, do nothing and it will be automatically delivered directly to your door, or choose another title from the hundreds you'll be offered.
  4. WE'VE RELAXED THE RULES - You don't have to buy a book from each magazine and you never have to buy a book you don't want. So if you don't want the Editor's Choice, just say so on the order form. All we ask is that you buy 6 books in your first year of membership (or full retail prices will apply for your introductory selection). You can cancel at anytime after these purchases.
  5. OVER 300,000 members have already joined Doubleday Book Club and taken advantage of great offers and discounts on the best and latest titles.
  6. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or return your introductory selection within 10 days and you will owe nothing. To take advantage of ongoing special offers and discounts, simply pay the invoice enclosed with your introductory books. Doubleday absolutely respects your consumer rights and is a member of the Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA) and fully complies with ADMA's code of practice.

Join Doubleday Book Club TODAY!

Sets count as one choice.
* Introductory offer savings are based on the RRP prices displayed and exclude postage and handling charges.
** RRP refers to the recommended retail price for the Publisher's Edition (Pub. Ed) at the time of printing. These prices are subject to change.