Do You Want Sex With That?

Do You Want Sex With That?

Do You Want Sex With That?

One woman's journey through childhood, adulthood and motherhood in Australia.

I really am not a sex addict. And this story is not really about me. It is about the myriad ways in which sex now seeps into most aspects of our lives. It is musin on where we have come from... and where we are going. And how, maybe, we might just have lost out way.

Like sugar, sex is in everything, from Bratz dolls to the internet. We are bombarded at every turn from billboards, television, and radio, to our inbox, mobile phone and the front page of every newspaper and most magazines. It sells and, particular if you're a parent, it terrifies.

Combining memoir and reportage, Claire Halliday shares her own intimate experiences with- and attitudes towards- sex, including her discoveries in the name of research; cruising Sexpo, attending a meeting of Sex Addicts Anonymous, interviewing porn-stars on set (but off-camera), joining a suburban swingers' party, and getting in the mood at Hillsong.

Sex has always excited and disgusted, but now it does both things simultaneously, all the time. In her new book, Halliday explores how sex pervades our everyday life; from marriage to advertising, to pornography in art and popular culture, as well as teens and technology.

Written with unsparing candour Do You Want Sex With That? is an honest compelling account of one woman's journey as she tests these issues against her own life and feelings rather than abstract ideals. The result is inquiring, challenging and fascinating reading.

Claire Halliday is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in a variety of national and international newspapers and magazines for over a decade. Her previous books include two collections of interviews with important Australians, Unsung Heroes and The World At Their Feet. She lives in Melbourne with her partner and four children.

Do You Want Sex With That?
Author: Claire Halliday
Price: $29.95