Counting and Alphabet Sing-a-long

Counting and Alphabet Sing-a-long

When kids first learn about numbers and words, they can't get enough of this exciting new discovery. It makes them feel grown up and important - and opens up a whole new world of knowledge to them.

But counting and the alphabet - not to mention rhyming, grammar, word sounds and everything else about number and language - needn't be boring. In fact, as the latest album from ABC Kids shows, they're anything but.

'Counting and Alphabet Sing-a-long Volume 2' h as been released in the wake of a huge response to the first 'Counting and Alphabet Sing-a-long' album, which is now a much loved high rotation CD in households across Australia.

It features another feast of great songs and rhymes about letters, numbers and words - and all the exciting things they can do.

Children have the chance to count in fives and tens, to practice their two-times and three-times tables, and even to count in French, with 'Une, Deux, Trois'.

They learn about odd numbers and even numbers, and subtraction takes on a new dimension on 'I love take away'. There are also some fun songs about numbers, including 'The ants go marching', 'Dr Knickerbocker' and 'Mambo number 5'.

There's more than one way to look at the alphabet, as 'The backwards alphabet' shows, and 'Counting the Alphabet' and 'The Animal Alphabet' gives kids new strategies for leaning without them even realising it.

Other great tracks include 'I Can't Spell Hippopotamus', the tongue-tangling 'Peter Piper', 'Alice the Camel', 'The Opposite Song' and 'This Old Mambo'.

'Counting and Alphabet Sing-a-long Volume 2' is infused with a real sense of fun that children will love, making it perfect for home listening and games, or for use by child care centres, preschools and kindergartens.With 20 great tracks, 'Counting and Alphabet Sing-a-long Volume 2' has huge appeal for youngsters who've just discovered the enormous power of their minds, and will be played over and over again, reinforcing learning, and encouraging kids to view acquiring knowledge and skills as a fun, positive experience.

RRP $14.95