Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup

In the early years of their education - kindergarten, preschool and the infants grades of primary school - children have an incredible thirst and appetite for knowledge.

Words and numbers are a fascinating mystery that they are determined to solve. At this age, youngsters are like little sponges - they'll eagerly absorb all the information they can. And learning to read, write and spell is the most enticing challenge of all.

Now kids can practise their spelling and learn about words and rhyming and the sounds associated with the letters with the bright and highly entertaining new album from ABC for Kids Early Learning entitled Alphabet Soup.

Alphabet Soup contains a song list of ingredients to guarantee a nurturing soup both nourishing for the mind and also fun to eat! There are oodles of noodles and strudel, an ABC healthy smoothie, and of course an alphabet soup with an eclectic list of ingredients.

Alphabet Soup contains a few favourites like On Top of Spaghetti; and Dr Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham, not to mention a rocking version of Bananas in Pyjamas. Learning to spell has never been so much fun, and Alphabet Soup will be welcomed with open arms by schools, child care centres, kindergartens and preschools, as well as by parents eager to maximise their kids’ potential at home. It will also get a big thumbs up from kids who just adore the stimulating music, lyrics and activities! RRP: $14.95

Track Listing

1. Alphabet Soup
2. The ABC Fruit Smoothie
3. I'm A Green Pea
4. Oodles Of Noodles
5. Did You Ever Eat A Veggie?
6. Green Eggs And Ham
7. Ten Fat Sausages
8. Lollipop
9. Lunch, Lunch, Lunch, Lunch
10. The Muffin Man
11. Fishfingers Tango
12. Apple Tree
13. My Old Man (He’s The Cook)
14. Jelly On A Plate
15. This Little Piggy
16. A Three Jelly Dish
17. On Top Of Spaghetti
18. Hot Cross Buns
19. Yes We Have No Bananas
20. Bananas In Pyjamas