Bugaboo + Missoni Partnership

Bugaboo + Missoni Partnership

Bugaboo + Missoni Partnership

For the first time, Bugaboo is announcing a partnership with Italian fashion house Missoni. The collaboration represents the innovative and functional design personalities of Bugaboo, and the contemporary approach towards fashion and design by Missoni.

The Bugaboo + Missoni collection features two tailored designs one for the Bugaboo Cameleon, and another to complement the Bugaboo Bee. Vibrant zigzags decorate the canopy of the Bugaboo Bee, while the Bugaboo Cameleon canopy is covered in a bright block print. Both designs also come with a matching Missoni knitted blanket, which can also be worn as a scarf by parents. All of the collection is made in Italy with the signature luxury of Missoni's craftsmanship and quality.

Angela Missoni, co-owner of Missoni S.p.A: "It was a great joy to work on this project. Children are so sensitive to colours and patterns. Working with Bugaboo has given me a unique opportunity to create a dream stroller that I hope will be enjoyed by children and will stimulate their senses."

Madeleen Klaasen, Bugaboo CMO: "At Bugaboo we always aim for exciting unexpected collaborations. We feel privileged to be working with Missoni, this partnership combines excellence and innovation in stroller design combined with the unmistakable bright colour patterns of Missoni".

The connection is illustrated in an Optical Art inspired world showcasing Missoni's mesmerising prints and Bugaboo's directional design. The photographs are supported with an optical illusion movie starring Bugaboo + Missoni featuring music by Monk Higgins.

Bugaboo International is a Dutch design company that develops and produces mobility products. Bugaboo is known for its innovative and breakthrough design of strollers. Bugaboo began as a small start up in 1999, but grew rapidly over the next ten years to become a global player. Bugaboo products are now available in more than 50 countries and the company is a proud (PRODUCT)RED™ partner contributing 1% of all revenue - across all products - to the Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa to help reach the goal of eliminating mother to child HIV- transmission by 2015.

Missoni is one of the most respected ambassadors of Italian fashion and design around the world. The Missoni style is the successful knitwear venture of Tai and Rosita Missoni set up in 1953. The business established itself as an icon of Italian fashion in the mid-Sixties. Following the ingenious innovation of pattern concepts in fashion, the company moved into contemporary lifestyle with the launch of Missoni Home and Missoni Hotels.

Recommended Pricing
Bugaboo Cameleon + Missoni accessory set as a complete stroller: AU $1829.95
Bugaboo Cameleon Missoni accessory set: AU $409.95
Bugaboo Bee + Missoni accessory set as a complete stroller: AU $1188.95
Bugaboo Bee Missoni accessory set: AU $279.95


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