Breast Feeding Advice

Breast Feeding Advice
Becoming a parent is one of the greatest joys in life, but it can also be a time of frustration, self-doubt and sleepless nights. Breast feeding queries are common with parents, and now help is at your finger tips with the new- look Tommee Tippee website, with it's very own resident midwife on hand 24 hours a day to assist with any feeding and parenting issues.

Our Midwife Judy has over 25 years experience working in hospital and community areas assisting parents and their children with a variety of parenting issues. Feeding is a huge focus for Judy, here are some common questions on breastfeeding in particular that have come across Judy's desk lately.

Q. How often should I feed my baby?

"Babies are individual beings therefore what suits one may not suit another. Some are content to regulate their feeds while others stack/cluster some feeds together then have a long gap. As a general guide, a newborn will average 6 - 10 feeds in a day. This is because their stomachs are the size of a golf ball and breast milk is easily absorbed and utlisied. Don't forget the growth spurts when your little one is growing rapidly and wants that extra nutrition so they feed very often for a couple of days."

Q. Will breastfeeding fit into my lifestyle?

"The answer to this question is subjective. Just remember that breastfeeding gives a baby security, love, warmth, as well as food, essentials for promoting healthy children. Having a baby is life changing, regardless of how you intend to feed them. Babies require frequent feeds due to their small stomachs, and will work to their own rhythms.

Breastfeeding can be manipulated to fit any lifestyle, the key to success is to understand how well your baby is feeding. If your lifestyle is one of structure and you like control then if baby feeds well at the breast they will usually sleep 2-3 hours. As they get older this time reduces dramatically. If you are returning to work lots of mums manage to combine expressing their milk when away from baby and breastfeeding when they are with their baby."

Q. What are my other options to breastfeeding?

"There are always options. If you have to return to work or be away from your baby at a feed, then using a Closer to Nature breast pump to express provides your milk for baby, relieves pressure in your breasts, helps prevent mastitis and enhances your milk production. Remember if you don't feed or express then the milk in your breast can cause problems of engorgement, mastitis and eventually reduce milk production.

Q. How do I wean my baby off breastfeeding?

"Use a bottle that has a breast-mimicking teat. Tommee Tippee's 'Closer to Nature' range has been designed to mimic the natural flex, feel and movement of a mother's breast. It has been developed following more than three years of research with health professionals and mums, Closer to Nature bottles are a great breastfeeding support system helping you and your baby to move between breast and bottle - and back again. This also means, Dad, Grandparents and babysitters can all help with feeding."

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