Attipas French Pearl

Attipas French Pearl

Attipas French Pearl

Attipas Australia is excited to release their newest style following their latest survey results, revealing that 98% of mums would recommend Attipas shoes to their family and friends.

New French Pearl is the perfect way for your little one to stay elegantly warm this winter!

With a touch of French sophistication in the form of a unique pearl twist and black bow design, the newest range comes in a choice of two pastel colours, pink and green.

Caroline Africh, Director of Attipas says, "Just like our latest Argyle and Ringle styles, French Pearl shoes also have the new, thicker sock to provide extra comfort and an added layer of warmth for little feet. Nobody needs to compromise on style just because
of the cooler weather, it's easy to stay stylish during winter with French Pearl!"

"Attipas French Pearl is the first to feature matching coloured soles and socks, unlike other shoes with contrasting colours. This shifts the focus from the colour of the sole to the beautiful pearl design, making this the stand out feature of the design," adds Caroline.

Podiatrist and owner of Posture Podiatry Daniel Gibbs says, "The thicker Attipas French Pearl design features an added layer of warmth to the feet for winter, while still remaining extremely breathable and lightweight."

Based on seven years of research, the five key benefits of wearing Attipas toddler and baby shoes include:
1. Convenience: Non-slip and machine-washable
2. Breathable: Fine holes that release heat
3. Big Toe Box: Allows free toe movement to improve cognitive and motor development
4. Non-toxic: Prevents exposure to potentially harmful materials
5. Lightweight: Light and flexible, just like socks


Attipas French Pearl is available in two sizes, L (18-24 months) and XL (24 months+) for an
RRP of $39.95 at

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