Empower Parents and Re-Evaluate Shoe Choices

Empower Parents and Re-Evaluate Shoe Choices

Empower Parents and Re-Evaluate Shoe Choices

Podiatrist Daniel Gibbs wants to empower parents and educate them on what they really should be looking for when it comes to shoes for their precious toddlers and pre-schoolers. Calling for parents to re-evaluate their choices, Daniel believes that what you've been told about choosing your children's footwear is likely to be wrong.

Daniel says, 'Parents want to know what is best for their children, but there is a problem with the current messaging about choosing the best shoe. When you think you're doing the right thing for your child, think again! As a parent myself, I've gone into shoe stores and been told incorrect information. With more and more shoe options available, parents are more confused than ever before.

'Would you believe it, some parents even let their kids choose their own shoes! Of course, kids choose based on appeal such as bright colours, interesting textures or sparkles, and parents forget about the most important things, which are the structural and supportive benefits."

'When a child first learns to walk, traditional shoes can affect their feet by placing a barrier between the foot and the ground which can impair their ability to walk naturally, and may lead to problems later in life. Stiff and heavy shoes can train the feet to develop in ways that nature may not have intended," explains Daniel.

A former councillor on the board of the Australian Podiatry Association and the owner of Posture Podiatry, Daniel recommends Attipas shoes as a great start for babies who are newly walking and toddlers who are growing at a rapid rate. According to Daniel, the four most important questions when choosing the best shoe for babies and toddlers include:
1. Does the shoe provide protection for the foot? This is essential for everyday and multi-surface use.
2. Are the shoes lightweight and breathable? This is important as children use a lot of energy walking at this age and to allow perspiration.
3. Do they cramp the toes? There should be no cramping or discomfort to the child.
4. Does the shoe impair the feet from adapting to the ground? It should not impair the feet for developmental purposes.

Based on seven years of research, Attipas baby and toddler shoes fulfil all the requirements for a good shoe including five key benefits:
• Convenience: Non-slip and machine-washable
• Breathable: Fine holes that release heat
• Big Toe Box: Allows free toe movement to improve cognitive and motor development
• Non-toxic: Prevents exposure to potentially harmful material
• Lightweight: Light and flexible, just like socks

Attipas baby and toddler shoes are available in 16 current styles and up to six sizes, S and XXXL, for an RRP of $34.95 or $39.95 at www.attipas.com.au

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