Wild Ocean 3D- Where Africa Meets the Sea

Wild Ocean 3D- Where Africa Meets the Sea
Experience a 3D adventure that will take you into the middle of a vicious feeding frenzy off the wild coast of South Africa, and let you witness the interplay between man and our endangered ocean ecosystem.

Wild Ocean 3D is a giant screen adventure about man and nature that captures one of the world's greatest migration spectacles. Filmed off the Wild Coast of South Africa, the film chronicles a massive annual feeding frenzy where billions of sardines travel up the KwaZulu-Natal shoreline, known to locals as the Wild Coast.

For the people living along the African shore, this migration has provided a food source for countless generations while farther out at sea ocean predators come from great distances to feast.

Over the past century, however, there has been another predator in the ocean, one that takes enormous shoals of fish in one sweep, and does not give back to the sea in any way. This predator has broken the natural cycle and mistakenly regarded the ocean as an unlimited resource. That predator is mankind.

The richness of aquatic life that once filled our seas is now rare. Wild Ocean 3D explores the causes and effects of man's impact on the complex marine ecosystem and the new growing threat of global climate change.

Wild Ocean 3D is an inspirational film looking toward a bright future, taking audiences to one of the world's last unspoiled marine wilderness areas, to glimpse what the oceans of the world once looked like.

"Wild Ocean 3D gives viewers the chance to not just see, but to actually feel like they're a part of a simply a jaw-dropping natural event", said Richard Morrison, Manager IMAX Theatre Melbourne.

Wild Ocean 3D will be screening at IMAX Theatre Melbourne from Thursday the 19th June 2008.

When: 19th June 2008
Where: IMAX Theatre Melbourne
Cost: Adults $17.50, Concession $ 14.00, Child $12.50, Family $50
Session times: www.imaxmelbourne.com.au or 03 9663 5454