White Bread for Healthier Kids

White Bread for Healthier Kids
A new white bread with three times the fibre of ordinary white bread and more fibre than wholemeal bread will be available in Australia from May - leading the charge in children's health.

The new white bread - developed by Bakers Delight - not only has the highest fibre, but also the lowest GI rating of any white bread on the market - making it an excellent choice for longer lasting energy.

Despite its popularity among children, recent market research conducted by Bakers Delight revealed more than 50 percent of mums believed white bread was not a healthy choice for kids' lunchboxes.

Sharon Natoli, Accredited Practising Dietitian and Director of Food and Nutrition Australia, said ordinary white bread was better nutritionally than many parents believed and that Bakers Delight's 'next generation' white bread provided even more benefits.

"Many parents feel guilty about feeding their children white bread - yet often it's the only thing kids will eat. Ordinary white bread provides a range of B vitamins, is a source of fibre and a good source of carbohydrate - vital for growing, active bodies. It is better nutritionally than many of the other foods commonly found in kids' lunchboxes," Ms Natoli said.

"Bakers Delight's new Hi-Fibre Lo-GI white bread provides kids with an even higher source of dietary fibre from a food they enjoy eating.

"Just two slices of this bread provides around half of the recommended daily fibre intake for children while the low GI rating means a steadier supply of energy is provided to the brain which in turn can assist in improving concentration levels and satisfying kids' appetites for longer," Ms Natoli added.

All Bakers Delight bread is baked fresh daily from unbleached flour, is preservative free and leads the industry in its voluntary addition of folic acid.

Despite its enhanced nutritional value, Bakers Delight's new Hi-Fibre Lo-GI white bread tastes just like ordinary white bread with a soft texture and soft crusts.

The new Hi-Fibre Lo-GI white range from Bakers Delight includes a white block loaf and white round rolls.

For more information visit www.bakersdelight.com.au.