What to Expect the First Year

What to Expect the First Year

What to Expect the First Year

Everything new parents need to know about the care and feeding of an infant, from the authors of What to Expect When You're Expecting.

Covering topics such as monthly growth and development, feeding for every age and stage, and sleep strategies that really work, the latest edition of What to Expect the First Year answers dozens of new questions and includes all new by-demand material.

Filled with the most practical tips: how to give a bath, decode your baby's crying; what to buy for your baby; and when to return to work; and the most up-to-date medical advice with the latest on vaccines, vitamins, illnesses, SIDS, safety and more.

What to Expect the First Year offers reassuring answers to hundreds of questions including:
What is the best kind of car seat for my newborn?
How do I know if my baby's getting enough to eat?
How can I tell if my baby is really sick? When should I call the doctor?
Should I sign my baby up for classes
Should I be worried that my baby isn't crawling yet?
How do I cope with my colicky baby?

The only book on infant care to address the physical as well as the emotional needs of the entire family, What to Expect First Year is essential reading for any new parent.

The all-in-one, month-by-month guide that clearly explains everything you need to know about that first amazing year with baby- from first cuddle to first smile to first steps. Packed with the most reassuring answers and the most practical and realistic tips on all things baby.

"What to Expect First Year cuts through the confusion and provides detailed, up-to-date and sensible information on everything parents need to know as they navigate the first year of their new babies life!"- Dr Jonny Taitz, MBchB, FCP (SA) FRACP, Consultant Pediatrician Sydney Children's Hospital, Ranwick and author of The Australian Kid's Health Book.

Heidi Murkoff conceived the idea for What to Expect When You're Expecting during her first pregnancy when she found that most books only added to her worries. A whole bookshelf of What to Expect titles followed, aimed at helping parents. Heidi writes for Baby Talk and Parenting magazines.

What to Expect the First Year
Harper Collins Australia
Author: Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel
ISBN: 9780732286996
Price: $39.99