What Happens Next?

What Happens Next?

What Happens Next?

Answering your questions about life after death.

Have you ever been alone but felt that you were not really alone at all; that someone else was there? You didn't feel scared - you felt comforted and you knew that the energy felt familiar, like that of a passed loved one. But your sceptical mind told you it was just your imagination.

Signs from the spirit world come in many different ways; it could be just a small thing, such as sensing a presence or even the lights flicking on and off whenever you think about a passed loved one. Is this just coincidence, or is it more?

In What Happens Next, spiritual medium Jade-Sky shows you that it is possible to feel, sense or even hear your passed loved ones in spirit. In her work, Jade-Sky is asked hundreds of questions about life after death and here she answers them all, such as what happens to loved ones when they pass, including children, parents, partners, friends and even pets; how to recognise signs from passed loved ones; and all about angels, spirit guides and ghosts.

Drawing on her many years of communicating with the spirit world Jade-Sky's sympathetic answers offer comfort and reassurance to anyone who wonders What Happens Next.

Jade-Sky is a Psychic/Medium-a 'direct channeller'. She was born with a special gift of being able to connect clairvoyantly with energies of deceased loved ones.

Over the past 17 years Jade-Sky has fine tuned her natural skills in the areas of psychometry, mediumship/channeling and uncovering past lives. Jade-Sky has read professionally for over 7,000 clients around the world, who testify to her accuracy. Mediumship is Jade-Sky's passion. During a reading she offers up key names, dates and specific events to the enquirer so that they know without doubt that their passed loved ones or spirit guides/angels are with them. She also provides very personal and significant details to help clients reconnect with their loved ones, something which assists with their grieving process. By giving detailed information, Jade-Sky reassures her clients that life after death does exist and a beautiful place awaits us when we pass from this life to the next. As well as conducting private readings and workshops, Jade-Sky has spoken and appeared live on stage at the nation-wide Mind, Body, Spirit Festivals and featured on BIO5, 2GB and NOVA radio stations. She recently appeared as a guest on Channel 7's high-rating Sunrise program.

What Happens Next?
Rockpool Publishing
Author: Jade-Sky
ISBN: 9781921295324
Price: $24.99

Interview with Jade-Sky

Can you tell us a little bit more about your experiences?

Jade-Sky: It wasn't until I was around 17 years old that I realised that I may be a little bit different than other people. I always knew that I could sense things about people for eg. Whether I trusted them or not, whether I liked their energy or not.

At 17 I started to do readings on my friends and work mates. The information was very specific and really made sense to everyone I was reading.

It all progressed from there, I began to learn to use all different types of cards and eventually I put all of the cards away and I began to use psychometry only. Psychometry is the psychic skill of holding a personal object of the person, for e.g. a watch, necklace, keys etc. When holding the personal object I will receive information about the person and or their passed loved ones. I see passed loved ones with both my physical eyes and third eye clairvoyantly.

I am both a psychic and a medium; both of these skills have different purposes. I have been born with both skills. As a psychic I can access information about what has happened in a person's life in the past and present and also what may occur in the future. I can also see into some of their past lives and see who their spirit guides are.

As a medium I can connect with people's passed loved ones. I am like the telephone link between this physical life here on Earth and the spiritual life where they are. I can physically sense, hear, smell and see spirit.

Why did you decide to write What Happens Next?

Jade-Sky: I wrote What Happens Next to share my knowledge and the things that I have experienced and learnt about life after death. Mediumship is a passion of mine and it is also a huge part of my everyday life.

I wanted to help people who have lost loved ones, people that are scared of death and the terminally ill.

Over the years I have read thousands of different clients and many of them have had similar experiences and have asked me questions about what happens after we pass.

How did you acquire the personal case studies used throughout the book?

Jade-Sky: Each of the personal case studies are actual case studies of my clients of mine, the ones I have chosen are each very special to me and have a specific topic that I wanted to highlight to help others who are in a similar situation. I have had to change my client's names to protect their privacy.

In short form can you tell us what might happen to loved ones when they pass?

Jade-Sky: When our loved ones pass away they are met by their spirit guides, and passed family members. There are a few different scenarios that can occur depending on the age of the person, the way that they pass and how each person deals with things individually.

If a young child passes who doesn't know anyone who has passed away many times I have parent's come to me worrying who they would go to, and they worry that they are by themselves. The answer is no, they are drawn to whatever makes them feel safe when they first pass over. I've had some kids say they saw Santa or a fairy princess meet them, this is their spirit guide. Their spirit guides will take on the form that they best relate to.

If someone passes quite dramatically, suddenly or takes their own life they can sometimes need to assess the situation and take some time to adjust to being in spirit. I do not believe there is a limbo or purgatory, from everything I have experienced with thousands of mediumship connections, these people need to recoup in almost a spirit like energy hospital. Once they are ready they enjoy all the same positive energy that other spirits do in heaven.

When someone has had a full life or was ready to pass they pass over very quickly into the positive energy of heaven.

Each scenario does end up in the same place though and that is the most beautiful place you can imagine which some people like to call heaven or spirit. In heaven they can still see what's going on around their family members and friends on Earth. They can see what has occurred in their own lives and go about learning and growing spiritually while helping out in any way they want to spiritually. They also reconnect with their own passed loved ones and pets and share their energy.

What after-life is there for pets?

Jade-Sky: I do believe that animals share the afterlife with human spirits if they choose to.If the animals were wild and did not share their life with humans, of course they may not choose to be in the same energy area as humans. It is up to the free will of every animal or human energy to be where they would like to be.

Pets often do wait for their owners in spirit. Many times I have seen budgies, cats and dogs all lining up next to a person in spirit. The connection between owner and pet is not severed by physical death; there is still a link of love that keeps them connected.



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