Weller - On Lymphatics Video

Natural lymphatic therapy that combats cellulite and wrinkles. Developed by leading lymphatic therapist Jill Griffiths, this do-it-yourself lymphatic cleansing routine combats facial ageing and cellulite of the legs and hips. Incorporated into your weekly health and beauty regime, this 20 minute video explains step-by-step how to carry out your own lymphatic cleansing routine for the face and how to tackle cellulite. The video also contains a handy booklet about the lymphatic system and manual lymphatic therapy.

"The lymphatic system is responsible for cleansing all the tissues of the body... Removing unwanted cellular matter and excess fluid from around body tissues promotes an age-defying, cleansing and detoxification process."

This beauty regime can be applied to people of all ages for aesthetic (beauty) and health benefits (including preventative care therapy), as well as for an almost limitless range of conditions such as chronic fatigue, inflammatory bowel disease and pre and post surgical care including liposuction and lymphedema.

Case studies have shown consistent energy increases, less illness, visibly noticeable youthful glow to the skin, as well as a decline in cellulite on legs and buttocks, plus an increased sense of well-being. RRP $29.95For more information on 'Weller on lymphatics' video or to purchase a copy today visit www.wellerinstitute.com.