Wedding Titles

Wedding Titles

So you've been asked to be your friends bridesmaid, what does that mean? What do you have to do? What other roles are there in a wedding? We explain wedding roles and what they mean below:

The Maid or Matron of Honour is the head bridesmaid, she is normally a close friend or sister to the bride and she takes care of most of the important tasks. The bride will feel very confident with her choice mostly chosen due to trust. You are a Maid of Honour if you are not married and a Matron of Honour, if you are. Your job as a Maid or Matron of Honour is quite a fun one as you are able to help with plans and dressing as well as being able to organise the Hens night and or Bridal Shower.

The Bridesmaid are to add extra excitement to the wedding process. The bridesmaid works alongside the Maid or Matron of Honour.

The Bridesmaid and Maid or Matron of Honour has many tasks before and during the wedding:

  • at the bridal shower and hens night keep a record of all the gifts received, for the bride to write thank you notes.
  • attend the engagement party and any other pre-wedding events
  • plan the bridal shower and or hens night
  • help address all invites
  • go to numerous gown fittings
  • help with dress and tux fittings for all
  • help select the other bridesmaids attire
  • work out hair, makeup and tanning
  • look at flowers
  • help with cars and locations
  • select decorations
  • help with registry
  • be contactable in case something goes wrong
  • pick up any last minutes items for the day
  • attend the rehearsal dinner
  • have a complete bridal survival kit
  • be the best, most supportive person on the day, be prepared for a stressed bride
  • help the bride get ready on her special day
  • keep the bride on schedule
  • hold her flowers
  • hold her grooms ring, if there is no ring bearer
  • hold train of the dress and fix the dress if need be, at any time
  • help her get in and out of vehicles
  • be the witness for the marriage certificate
    Most of all you have to be supportive, helpful and honest.

    The Best Man is often the best mate or brother to the groom. The best man holds onto the wedding bands for the ceremony and provides moral support to the groom before and during the wedding. The best man is in charge of the other groomsmen. Often the Best Man will work alongside the Maid or Matron of Honour. The Best Man is also another witness for the wedding certificate.

    The best man is in charge of organising the bachelor party and attend all pre-wedding parties.

    The best man is in charge of suit fittings, he is to collect his and grooms suit and make sure all male attendants are present at the wedding. On the day the best man will ensure the groom is on time and is to travel with him to the wedding whilst also delivering a speech and proposing the first toast at the reception. He is to read out any messages for the bride and the groom too. The best man is to dance with the bride, Maid or Matron of Honour and the mothers of the bride and groom, if need be, at the reception.

    The Groomsmen are also responsible for getting the groom to the church early and ensuring all guests are seated whilst handing out Order of Service booklets and hymns if required. Before the actually wedding day they need to help the best man organise the grooms bucks night and attend the rehearsal dinner whilst still making the event fun and calm. Often groomsmen are expected to dance with the bridesmaids.

    The Flower Girl is usually wearing a variation to the bride's gown, she walks down the isle before the bride and scatters flower petals, she could hold any style of bouquet or basket that she and the bridal family wishes. The flower girl needs to attend the rehearsal dinner. Normally the flower girl is a close family friend or relative.

    The Page Boy is often dressed in a smaller version of the grooms suit. The page boy can also be a ring bearer and he walks down the isle after the Maid or Matron of Honour. The page boy can also hand out the pieces of cut cake at the wedding, if he is old enough.

    The Mother of the Bride has an important role in the wedding, to be calm, strong and organised. As the mother of the bride, normally they will be asked to help with the wedding gown. The mother listens closely to her daughter and helps organise invitations and RSVPs. The mother of the bride also needs to greet all guests on the day and help the bride just before she leaves for the church. The mother is to be the last person seated at the ceremony.

    The Father of the Bride has the role of giving away his daughter, this is done by walking her down the isle. The father of the bride rides with the bride to the ceremony. The father is to give a speech at the reception and propose a toast to the newly married couple.

    The brides parents, together, congratulate the groom and his parents when the engagement is announced and helps prepare a guest list for the bride. The grooms parents are to do the same in regards to the groom.

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