Traditional Wedding Invitations

Traditional Wedding Invitations

Lace & luxury is back: The return of the traditional invite

According to invite specialists Enchanted Envelope, traditional-style wedding invites are making a huge comeback.

White, cream, gold or silver paired with lace, embossing or scalloped edges is increasingly popular with brides, said Enchanted Envelope Buyer Sarsha Bucak.

"We're seeing a move away from bold colours," said Ms Bucak.

"Some girls will add a hint of colour with a ribbon or coloured text to match in with the highlight colour for their bridal party, but it's predominantly neutral tones with quality, weighty paper and intricate and delicate design features.

"I believe this classic look is fitting in with an overall trend towards luxurious small, intimate weddings - as we're seeing the quantities of invites ordered for a wedding reduce. Five years ago it was not uncommon to see an order for a few hundred invites. Today it's more likely to be under 100 guests."

Antique invites are also tying in with a vintage trend coming through in wedding dress designs and jewellery, said Ms Bucak.

"Floral designs are also very popular - it's the kind of invitation you would imagine your grandmother may have had. They're very beautiful and elegant with an old world charm."

Brides choosing a 'print and deliver' wedding invite service is also on the increase.

"Many girls have told us they're getting tired of the DIY look. Originally created to allow brides to be individual, they now seem to be having the reverse effect.

"A DIY invite design tends to look similar with all generally made up of a base sheet of cardboard, printed page and a top sheer layer held in place with a stud or ribbon.

"Meanwhile, the range available in printed invites is much more creative and the cost is reasonable. On average, for 100 guests, the cost is under $700 with this meaning that everything is printed and assembled for you.

"We're also finding that the modern bride just doesn't have time so sit down and put the invitations together herself."

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