Top 10 Trends for Brisbane Weddings in 2022

Top 10 Trends for Brisbane Weddings in 2022

Ideas for a Stunning Brisbane Wedding

Among the many things that the lockdown resulting from the covid-19 changed, one is weddings. The trends for 2022 confirm that things are not going back to the old normal. If you want a trendy, 'new normal' wedding, here are some trends for you to be inspired:

Micro Weddings
Small weddings are a thing of the past. The new trend is micro weddings. A micro wedding is where only the closest, the healthiest, and the most necessary people are invited to a wedding. No, it does not replace a court wedding. The average number of guests at a micro wedding stays under 50. It's a wedding where everyone does know everyone else.

Unique Wedding Registries
The young couples in 2021 know that there's no point in holding onto belongings. Hence, they have changed their wedding registries to collect funds for the experiences they want. If you prefer experiences over material goods, you can also open a cash fund for your honeymoon, your first home, a vacation, or even a kitten! The sky's the limit here.

Local Goods
The covid-19 pandemic also converted many people to source all their necessities locally, and the forced habit has become a trend! You, too, can support your local artists, vendors, and creators through your wedding. They are likely to offer you similar rates as you would get with imported stuff while customizing for you and your wedding.

Weekday Weddings
If there's one wedding inspiration that should stay with you from this article, it should be this one! When you're only inviting the closest people, you don't have to wait for the weekends. You can plan your wedding so your closest people can take the day off work, though.

Backyard Weddings
A weekday wedding in your backyard is as 2022 as it can get! You can hire an event planner to have a beautiful canopy or any wedding stage you want. However, for a stunning wedding venue in Brisbane, you can also check out local hotels. You might get a beautiful wedding venue in your budget if you choose a weekday.

Individual Meal Servings
A lesser number of guests doesn't require a caterer. The food at the wedding can be provided by a restaurant too! That being said, you can hire either a caterer or a restaurant as long as the food is served as individual servings. Your caterer can also add to the wedding décor with their specialized serving platters.

Pod Seating
Fewer guests don't have to mean less space or fewer tables. You can still make your wedding décor look full by diving tables into smaller groups. Let people sit away from each other and leave plenty of space for those who want to practice social distancing.

Mini Wedding Cakes

Cakes look like old-school wedding décor now. The new trend insists you get individual mini cakes for all the guests. It's less messy and has lesser chances of being ruined too. Moreover, it allows you to have various flavours for your wedding cake if you cannot choose one flavour.

Formal Food Service
It all begins with the lesser number of guests! Get servers to serve the food at the table for all guests. The individual servings also allow room for dietary restrictions, and the lesser number of people per table allows for an easy and spacious dining experience for your guests.

Layered Dress Code
With only the near and dear ones around you, you can be as comfortable as you want. The layered dress code allows this comfort with style. Following this trend, you and your guests wear two layers of clothing. The first layer comes off after the official ceremony. Bride and bridesmaids can dance in slip dresses, and men can ease up by removing ties and blazers.

Celebration Packages
The trend of inviting a lesser number of guests to a wedding has come hand in hand with sending out celebration packages to those who don't get invited. You can send anything from cookies, brownies, macarons, or even mini wedding cakes to those closest to you but still close. Don't forget to pair the sweet treat with a meaningful handwritten note and customize it to look like a part of your wedding décor.

Last but not the least, remember that all these trends began with people realizing what's important to them. Hence, you should follow only those trends at your wedding that fit what is important to you. No matter what trends come and go, the trend of being the happiest bride or groom will always stay.

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