5 Unique Engagement Ring Ideas

5 Unique Engagement Ring Ideas

If you're like most brides, you want your ring to look beautiful but also reflect your personality. And, if you're the one picking out a band for your significant other, you may need some ideas on what to get. 


Generally, it's best to decide ahead of time or at least get an idea of what your partner wants in their ring. Still, if they're looking for something outside of the norm, this guide is an excellent place to start.


If you're shopping for rings, you may want to choose an engagement ring that stands out from the norm. Luckily, there are more options than ever for unique engagement rings. Hopefully, you get inspired by this list and can find the perfect engagement ring, whether you pick it out for yourself or are picking it out for someone else.

1. Lab-Grown Diamond Options


If you're looking for an engagement ring that's ethically sourced and good for the environment, a lab-grown diamond is an excellent option. These are created in a lab but are the same as "real" diamonds.


With lab-grown options, you can choose anything from more traditional rings to more extravagant and unique ones. 

2. A Sapphire Ring


While diamonds might be the traditional gemstone for engagement rings, one of the best ways to do things differently is to go with a distinct center stone. A sapphire is an excellent choice here. 


For one thing, sapphires are associated with royalty, so they still carry the weight and importance that an engagement ring should hold. For another thing, a sapphire is strong enough to withstand the daily use of an engagement ring, which makes it a good alternative to a diamond band. 

Finally, sapphires don't always come in a deep blue color, so there are multiple options to choose from.

3. Have The Ring Custom Designed


One of the best ways to get a truly unique engagement ring is to go with a custom design. You can start by looking at rings you like, and from there, find someone who can take your examples and design one just for you. Some individuals have particular ideas in mind and will need to go with a custom jeweler. Here, the options are limitless. You can have something created that was inspired by a favorite movie, a favorite color, or your wedding theme. 

4. Aquamarine


While sapphires and emeralds are good choices for wedding rings because they are sturdy enough for daily wear, you might want to go with something even more underrated. Aquamarine is an excellent choice if you want a slightly different gem to be at the center of the band. Light blue is the signature of aquamarine gemstones, but they come in slightly varying shades of light blue. 


The other reason to choose aquamarine is that they are sturdy and can be worn daily. Plus, they don't require any special cleaning or upkeep.

5. Think Outside The Box 


Finally, when trying to find a unique engagement ring, remember to be bold. While you can start with picking a colored gemstone, also look into various cuts and band sizes. There are so many options to help you choose the engagement ring that's just right for you or your partner.


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