Trendy Bridal Bouquets

Trendy Bridal Bouquets

6 Trendy Bridal Bouquets For 2021

When your wedding planning goes into full swing, there are a lot of details that'll come in order. Whether you're having an intimate wedding as is the norm today, a grand one, or whatever your theme may be, there's one thing that's a must-have for every bride: the bridal bouquet.

In fact, the bridal bouquet completes the bride's look. It's the ultimate accessory that the bride will take with her the entire day during the ceremony and even after the reception, until this bouquet reaches the hands of the lucky girl who gets it during the fun and games. So, the bridal bouquet shouldn't be an after-thought.

If you're getting married this 2021, or you know of a dear, well-loved girl friend or family member who is tying the knot, then this is definitely a must-read. Here, you'll have a list of six potential trendy bridal bouquets for this year to start you on getting inspired how yours will look as well.

1. More Playful Blooms

Gone are the days when brides would limit themselves only to what's usually the norm for wedding flowers. Yes, dahlias, roses, and peonies will always have their place as well-loved bridal bouquet flowers. But, this year, playful blooms are also set to take their place.

Tiny blooms, in particular, will gain more popularity, especially as many weddings are becoming more intimate and less grand. Many brides are now leaning towards that fuss-free set up, where their bridal bouquet isn't just beautiful, but also easy to bring around the ceremony as well. These tiny blooms can be lilies of the valley, sweet pea, or tweedias, among the many.

2. Brighter Colors

Sunny days are here, even if the wedding may be on the colder months! Yellow and bright colors are so in, and so flowers of these hues are also now on the bridal bouquet. In 2021, couples are appreciating more the happiness of their wedding finally pushing through, given all the challenges that planning a big day during the wedding may have entailed. There's no better way to create that celebratory mood than through beautiful, bright flowers. Craspedias are perfect for that added touch of brightness. Plus, they also dry perfectly as well.

3. Different Textures

Adventurous brides would also love to play around with different textures on their bridal bouquet. This means experimenting with different flowers and foliage, for that added depth and dimension.

You don't even need to have all live flowers in your bouquet. Dried flowers are growing in popularity. Particularly for the boho chic and rustic, earth toned weddings, these dried flowers are also nice to have in a bouquet.

4. Relaxing Colors

On the opposite end of the adventurous bride are the relaxed ones. Imagine that bride who is about to walk off on a relaxing afternoon tea with her friends. The flowers are in gentle pastel hues to complement the elegant teacups. There's nothing that looks too bright or painful in the eyes.

So, the classics will always be here. Typically, these are for the bride who loves pink or pastel hues. The feminine-looking clematis flower, in particular, radiates beauty. If flowers could talk, this bouquet would scream feminine elegance.

5. Monochromatic Bouquets

A monochromatic bridal bouquet isn't necessarily one that's grey and black and white. Rather, it means a bouquet with flowers that are in the same color tone, but in different hues. For instance, you can have a purple bouquet. But, instead of injecting flowers here are there along complimentary tones, all of the flowers, albeit of different kinds, are in the purple tone. It's only the specific hue or shade of purple where there's a difference.

Monochromatic bouquets are understated elegance, as they're also very calm and pleasing to the eyes.

6. More Foliage And Nature

Many brides are also using more foliage now than usual, especially the non-traditional brides. If you're pinching pennies, and you'd just like to have a lovely bouquet, then you certainly can't go wrong with adding foliage. It bulks up your bouquet, without necessarily being too expensive.

Plus, with more foliage, it also cuts any dry areas. You can keep that green connection with the rest of your design wherever plants are called for, to make your bouquet, bridesmaids' bouquet, and wedding venue look more put-together with all the little details that complete your centerpieces.


With this list of bridal bouquet trends, are you now ready to decide on your bridal bouquet? As you can see, there are many options for you to choose from, and there's definitely a style or trend for every kind of bride and every kind of theme. Given that the bridal bouquet is also one of the elements in the wedding that'll be widely photographed, it's just but fitting not to skimp on this decision. It doesn't have to be overly expensive. It just has to beautiful, lovely, and suit the fancy of the bride.