Victoria + Albert's Classic Marlborough Bath

Victoria + Albert's Classic Marlborough Bath

Victoria + Albert's Classic Marlborough Bath

Classic double-ended slipper bath: Marlborough
For those who like to share, the double-ended Marlborough slipper bath by Victoria + Albert provides the ideal dramatic roll-top solution. The bath's signature curves offer not only delightfully ergonomic comfort but ensure the Marlborough is a statement piece in any bathroom.

Its gentle curves and graceful lines are the perfect complement to any traditionally-styled bathroom.

The Marlborough is luxuriously large, which is perfect for soaking in after a long day. Whether you prefer to relax in isolation or with that special someone, you can be confident that there is ample room. Beautifully symmetrical, this double-ended bath means you can both be completely comfortable and well-supported.

Not only does the bath look majestic and make a clear statement, it is also the practical choice for the house-proud homeowner as the plinth prevents any dust from settling beneath this outstanding bathroom feature.

Just like the famous markets in the English town of its namesake Marlborough, this bath provides that unique and organic feeling that you expect for your bathroom.

Victoria + Albert's Classic Marlborough bath
Dimensions: L 1890mm W 860mm H 535-724mm D 350mm
Price: RRP$4,130 (including the white Quarrycast base)
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or call 1300 737 779.

Victoria + Albert is a British company with a worldwide reputation for creating beautiful freestanding baths. The group has offices in Australia, Spain, USA, Canada, South Africa and the UK (head office).

All product is made at the company's wholly-owned production and logistics facility in South Africa where every Victoria + Albert bath and basin is made of 100% QuarryCast®. This is a unique material rich in natural volcanic limestone which is strong, stable and easy to clean.

QuarryCast® is exclusive to Victoria + Albert who use this amazing material to make baths ranging from the ultra-contemporary ios, Ravello and Napoli to traditional roll tops and French-style hip baths. Baths and basins are cast as a single piece so have smooth, unbroken lines.

QuarryCast® has high insulation properties so water stays warmer longer. It is also warm to the touch so users don't get an unpleasantly chilly shock when their bare skin touches the bath. The material won't creak or flex and every bath comes with a 25-year guarantee.

Unlike traditional enamel, the surface of a QuarryCast® bath can't be damaged by household cleaners that contain bleach and basins won't craze or crack if hit by a falling object.

The material has a natural high gloss finish - a light polish will keep it as good as new. Due to its high stone content, the surface is abrasion resistant; however accidental scratches can be simply polished out in a matter of minutes.

QuarryCast® baths are much lighter in weight than traditional cast iron or pressed steel and a large bath such as the Napoli can easily be moved by two people.