Travelling with a Toddler

Travelling with a Toddler
Whether you are going by car, train or plane travelling with a toddler can be extremely difficult for both you and the toddler, especially if it a very long trip. There are some ways that you can reduce the stress of travelling with a toddler.

Try to plan a flight that leaves just before naptime, if it is a short trip or a flight that leaves late afternoon so that your toddler will have a better chance of sleeping through a larger portion of the flight.

Leave boarding the plane until the last minute so that your toddler can run off as much energy as possible prior to boarding.

Do a last minute nappy change just prior to boarding so that your toddler is comfortable and hopefully, you won't need to change a nappy as soon as you board the plane.

Give your toddler a bottle or something to chew on while taking off and landing to ease blocked ears.

Ensure you have extra clothing on board in case of spills.

Bring along healthy non-perishable snacks such as sultanas, dried fruit, fruit sticks and a spill-proof cup for drinks. Airlines do not cater for toddlers who require frequent snacks between meals. Try to avoid lollies, cordial and soft drinks as they can help to hype up your toddler.

Pack small surprises such as small new toys and books and bring them out one at a time as your toddler starts to get restless.

Any type of travelling can cause a sensitive stomach to be upset so bring along some anti-nausea medication in case of motion sickness.

An umbrella stroller or backpack can be handy to have with you if you have long distances to walk between flights.

If your toddler is sitting on your lap ensure that they are not left free to run up and down the aisles, this can be dangerous in case of turbulence and very disruptive to the other passengers.

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