Tommee Tippee Ultimate Reassurance Baby Monitor - Big Boys Toys

Tommee Tippee Ultimate Reassurance Baby Monitor - Big Boys Toys
What has a movement sensor pad, automatic channel select, sensor alarm and adjustable night-light? No, it's not the latest audio technology or gadget for the car but the perfect addition to any newborn nursery, guaranteed to keep every dad-to-be entertained for hours!

Being a new dad can be tricky; sleepless nights, dirty nappies and the women in your life conversing in baby talk, cooing over fluffy toys and discussing the finer points of breast-feeding. If you've been craving a testosterone injection since baby came along, have no fear - the Tommee Tippee Ultimate Reassurance Monitor (0+ months) is here to the rescue.

Thanks to Tommee Tippee, the man in your life now has a new gadget to play with. The Ultimate Reassurance Monitor is a brand new, first of its kind, sound and movement monitor offering peace of mind to parents. Easy enough to use without any technical know-how, but plenty of special features to make it the ultimate toy for any dad!

Not only a sound monitor, the Ultimate Reassurance Monitor senses baby's breathing movements, via a movement sensor pad placed under baby's mattress, sounding an alarm if baby has not moved for more than 20 seconds. The monitor also measures baby's room temperature, displayed on the baby unit, giving you both the ultimate peace of mind when concerned about your little one sleeping through the night.

The Ultimate Reassurance Monitor has plenty of innovation to keep dad occupied for hours! Unlike any other monitor on the market, the Ultimate Reassurance Monitor features 'automatic channel select'. This means you don't have to fuss about with manually changing the channel if you encounter interference. When you select a channel on the baby unit from the three channels available, the parent unit automatically tunes to the same channel.

The Tommee Tippee Ultimate Reassurance Monitor's other innovative features include:

  • Sensor alarm and light - the movement alarm alerts you when no movement from baby is detected, when alarm sound is turned down the light signals the alarm.

  • 100-Metre Range - allowing for normal obstructions, such as walls and furniture, between the parent and baby unit.

  • Red Sound Lights - which glow brighter the louder your baby sounds, so even in a noisy room with the volume turned down, you will 'see' the sounds coming from baby's room.

  • Low Battery Display - with battery and power lights that flash on the parent and baby units when the batteries are low.

  • Out of Range Bars - are featured on the illuminated display. These flash if the parent unit cannot pick up the signal from the baby unit. These bars also flash to indicate if there is interference from another monitor or radio device.

  • Night Light - built-in to the baby unit providing a soft reassuring glow. The light contains a dimmer switch so that you can control the brightness.

  • Additional Items - a choice of three channels, a belt clip on the parent unit and a parent unit docking station allowing the unit to use mains power rather than battery power.

    What more could a new Dad ask for?!

    RRP $199.99 The Tommee Tippee Ultimate Reassurance Monitor is available from Big W, selected Pharmacies and Baby Stores. For stockist enquiries call 1800 890 011

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