TLC Kritters

TLC Kritters

TLC Kritters

This adorable collection of baby animals is waiting for their forever home, with someone to give them lots of Tender, Loving, Care. TLC Kritters are so new to the world, they like to sleep in their warm and cosy incubators. And just like any baby, these precious animals need to be fed or given medicine, to keep them healthy and happy.

And there are lots of surprises, just like real babies! Just what sort of baby animal will you find? Will it be a boy or girl? And what teeny tiny little accessories will your little Kritter come with?

All TLC Kritters have their very own nappy, with a colour change icon that reveals poos or wees when popped in cold water!

With kitties, puppies, bears and bunnies to collect, each TLC Kritter baby animal comes with an incubator, dissolving envelope to reveal their gender and adoption sheet, a nappy, bow or bib, baby bottle or medicine dropper, dummy, and collector sheet.

RRP $18.00
Suitable for ages 3+, TLC Kritters are available now from exclusively at Kmart.
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