The M Club Manual - Kathryn Sultzbaugh

The M Club Manual - Kathryn Sultzbaugh

Missions, Memos, Mandates, Mottos, and More

Sick and tied? Join the Club! We are magical marvels of martyrdom, masters en masse, and matriarchs. We are 40 million strong and we're comin' over there!

This is a public announcement to inform America of a new, not-to-be-ignored women's club. Well, not really a new club, because it has been around for as long as women have been taking care of business, families, and of course each other.

Club members have a few things in common:

  • We are sick and tired (mostly tired) of things in general going to hell in a handbasket.
  • We are intelligent, savvy women who know right from wrong.
  • Sometimes we have to "come over there" to help another member. Often we go "over there" in a big group so we can make an impression.
  • We help other M club members because we want to and we are able.

    Any woman who is feeling overlooked or harangued can appeal to her sister-members of the M club to help shift perspectives, take the reigns, and well take care of business. Women will love to give this incredibly funny and frank manual as a present or keep it around the home or office for their own reference and fun.

    For every woman there comes in life when they have had enough and need a change. If you sick and tied of being sick and tied then you will relate to this book. Every woman is in here and maybe a bit too much truth, if you think you can handle it you will thoroughly enjoy 'The M Club Manual', I know I did.


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