The Hamptons Diet, Diet secrets of the rich, famous

The Hamptons Diet, Diet secrets of the rich, famous

Lose Weight Quickly and Safely with the Doctor's Delicious Meal Plan

Diet secrets of the rich and famous revealed

Formulated by Dr Fred Pescatore, the Hamptons Diet is a weight loss plan that has been a breakthrough success for some of the world's leading celebrities, including 'Sex in the City's' Sarah Jessica Parker and Oscar winning actress Renee Zellweger.

Now Pescatore, the long-time medical director of the Atkin Center, offers you a weight loss system inspired by the healthy lifestyles and demanding palates of the rich and famous in his book, 'The Hamptons Diet'.

With the Hamptons Diet, you eat healthy carbohydrates and ample protein to achieve a naturally glycemic balance. Your metabolism is boosted by incorporating into your diet the secret ingredient, macadamia nut oil, one of the healthiest oils available in the world.

A complete, satisfying and easy-to-follow diet program that combines Hamptons style with Atkins results, this book will provide you with everything you need to lose weight, including thirty days of workable meal plans and 200 delicious recipes from the celebrity chefs Tom Valenti and Douglas Rodriguez.

'The Hamptons Diet' is the perfect prescription for looking good, feeling great, staying healthy, and living longer.

About the Author
Fred Pescatore, M.D. is head of Partners in Integrative Medicine in New York. Before establishing his own practice, Dr. Pescatore worked alongside the legendary Dr. Robert C. Atkins as Medical Director of the Atkins Center.

He is also the author of 'The Allergy and Asthma Cure', 'Thin for Good' and 'Feed Your Kids Well' all available through Wiley.

John Wiley
Author: Dr. Fred Pescatore
ISBN: 0471736287
RRP $24.95