The Divine Feminine Hen's Nights with Soul for the Modern Goddess

The Divine Feminine Hen's Nights with Soul for the Modern Goddess

If the idea of a Hen's night that includes a drunken pub crawl, a tacky veil and a stripper doesn't appeal to you then The Divine Feminine might have the answer.

Described as a 'thinking woman's alternative,' Hen's nights by The Divine Feminine take place in a sumptuous red bedouin tent that is created in your own home. Soft cushions, candlelight, incense and aromatherapy oils combine to create a magical atmosphere where you and your friends gather to celebrate this important occasion in a playful yet meaningful way.

Kat Skarbek, Head Honcho of The Divine Feminine, saw a need for a Hen's celebration with a difference after spending weeks searching for something for her own hen's night. "I wanted something that was great fun but that really acknowledged the fact that I was about to get married," she said. "I couldn't find anything that didn't either bore me or make me cringe! I realised that I couldn't be the only woman out there who felt like this." And so, The Divine Feminine was born.

The Divine Feminine Hen's Nights take many different forms. Activities include a henna-inspired 'painting of the bride ceremony', a special Tarot card reading for the hen, group belly dancing sessions and even the sharing of some hot Tantric sex tips! "This is always a popular section and a great laugh," says Kat.

"A really popular part of our celebration is the Belly Dancing session," adds Kat. "The bride and all of her friends get decked out in gorgeous coin belts and are taught basic belly dance moves to release their inner goddess. We then turn up the fantastic middle eastern music and dance for the bride!"

To round off the celebration, each woman receives a magical goodie bag to take home and the bride is presented with a beautiful and powerful tantric love potion to share with her groom. "We have had reports of a lot of very happy honeymoon nights!" says Kat.

"I laughed and cried!" says former Hen, Nicole O'Dwyer, a Legal PA. "It was so much fun. All of my friends and family loved it too. Watching my mother trying to belly dance was the funniest thing I'd seen in a long time! I loved having my cards read and the love potion has been hugely successful!"

So if you are looking to celebrate your hen's night with something a little bit different, consider becoming a Goddess for the night with a Divine Feminine Hen's Night. Not only is it a beautiful, fun party that you will always remember, but you might even pick up a few tips that your hubby-to-be can enjoy too!

The Divine Feminine Bridal Ceremony costs around $55/head for a 3-hour event for a minimum of eight people. Visit or call 0439 636 958 to find out more.