Nice day for a Green Wedding

Nice day for a Green Wedding

'Carbon Neutral Wedding packages' for environmentally aware couples

Did you know that your big day also has a big impact on global warming?

Consider the greenhouse gas created by your celebrations, guest travel (including the odd overseas visitor), accommodation and the honeymoon. That is a lot of harmful emissions.

The average wedding creates around 10 tonnes of greenhouse gas. That is about the same amount generated by two return flights from Sydney to London!

Now, by buying one of Easy Being Green's Carbon Neutral Wedding packages, or putting one on your gift list, you can give the planet a present as you start your life together.

For every Carbon Neutral wedding package purchased, Easy Being Green guarantees to offset 10 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions on your and your partner's behalf. You'll also receive an official certificate confirming the total amount of pollution reduced, a beautifully designed gift card, and an 'Our wedding is Carbon Neutral' reception sign.

When you make your wedding Carbon Neutral, you enable us to stop the same amount of emissions from entering the atmosphere somewhere else.

Your Carbon Neutral payment is spent on running our accredited, community-based energy efficiency programs, such as the installation of energy-saving light bulbs and water-saving showerheads.

Cutting pollution is Easy Being Green's business - how do we do it?

Most of the energy we use in our homes is generated by burning fossil fuels. So, when we save energy, greenhouse gas pollution is cut directly. When you purchase a Carbon Neutral product from Easy Being Green, you are asking us to reduce pollution on your behalf through our energy-saving projects in the community.

Our current projects include:

o Home installation service - Easy Being Green teams visit communities door-to-door, installing technologies like energy-saving lightbulbs and showerheads

o Trades and commercial rebate program - Easy Being Green works with tradespeople and owners / managers of commercial buildings to ensure that energy-saving technologies are installed in homes, offices and commercial premises

These energy saving projects are only possible when businesses and individuals buy carbon credits and become Carbon Neutral.

We run energy saving projects in preference to tree planting projects because our priority is to stop pollution entering the air in the first place. We focus on community-based energy saving programs because of the educational value.

Quantified, verified reduction in pollution is the primary aim of Easy Being Green's programs and is why each program is accredited and independently audited by some of the worlds respected auditing companies.

Providing energy saving technologies accounts for most of the cost of running our energy saving projects. Easy Being Green's business is cutting pollution and our success relies on keeping costs low. For example, in our trades program, energy saving technologies are installed when the tradesperson is already at a job - meaning there are no travel or distribution costs.

Easy Being Green is accredited under the NSW Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme and the Australian Federal Government's Greenhouse Friendly program.