The Body Shop Buriti Baby Range

The Body Shop Buriti Baby Range
Nourish, nurture and help protect delicate baby skin with help from the delightful new Buriti Baby range. Create bonding opportunities with your precious bundle of joy using these baby products featuring buriti oil - an oil rich in beta carotene, pro-vitamin A, oleic fatty acids and essential fatty acids.

According to native South American language, 'buriti' means 'tree of life'. The buriti tree produces nuts rich in this unique oil, included in this range to help protect and care for precious baby skin. The gentle oil is used throughout South America for its beneficial properties, while some Brazilians add the buriti leaves to their bath water to help soften their skin.

The range also benefits from other naturally-derived, caring ingredients, many of which are sourcedthrough Community Trade suppliers. Enhance your feel-good factor knowing that by using products fromthe Buriti Baby range, communities around the globe are benefitting from a fair deal.

All the products are pediatrician-approved, alcohol free, dermatologically-tested and suitable for sensitiveskin, and contain no artificial colours or added preservatives.

1. Buriti Baby Body Butter

Spread love with this beautiful Body Butter containing buriti oil and a rich blend of gentle skin caringnaturally-derived ingredients to keep baby's skin nourished, conditioned and protected. It benefits fromCommunity Trade ingredients including organic olive oil from Italy and organically-grown soya oil fromBrazil to smooth and soften skin, aloe vera from Guatemala to soothe, and shea butter from Ghana to helpprotect and soften skin.

Women in the villages in Ghana where The Body Shop® sources shea butter, apply it to their newbornsthough daily massages. They believe the massage helps the newborn babies relax, become aware of theworld around them and increase parent-baby bonding.

So while you bond with your baby, a community in Ghana and its traditional way of life remain in safehands through trade with The Body Shop®, which provides the women involved with the TungteiyaWomen's Shea Butter Association with a fair income, for work in fair conditions.

2. Buriti Baby Body Lotion

A sensational talc-free skin softening lotion that not only moisturises to keep skin silky-smooth, butalso absorbs into skin leaving a velvety, light powdery finish that comes from tapioca starch. It soaks upexcess moisture and leaves a gentle barrier against dampness to keep baby comfortable.

The gentle and mild formula helps care for baby's delicate skin, leaving it soft, smooth and supple. Keyingredients include Community Trade organic olive oil from Italy, aloe vera from Guatemala, shea butterfrom Ghana as well as organic beeswax to moisturise and soften skin. Apply this lotion to baby skin dailyto gently give it some extra care.

3. Buriti Baby Shampoo

Gently wash baby's hair with this pH-balanced, caring, tear-free shampoo which gently cleanses delicatescalps. With a gentle cleansing ingredient derived from Community Trade cocoa butter and buriti oil tohelp soothe, soften and protect, baby hair will feel beautifully soft and silky.

4. Buriti Baby Body Wash

A gentle yet effective cleansing wash enriched with buriti oil to tenderly cleanse baby's skin. The mild andprotective formula containing a Community Trade cocoa butter derived cleansing ingredient and buriti oilto help soothe, soften and protect, makes this a sweetly cleansing experience for your baby.

5. Buriti Baby Massage Gel

This beautiful, gentle gel can be used to massage, condition and nourish baby's skin. Baby massagemakes both parent and baby feel happy and relaxed, while also enhancing bonding moments. Thanks toburiti oil from the Amazonian 'tree of life', moisturising Community Trade organic olive oil from Italy andmarula oil from Namibia, your baby will not only enjoy quality time with you, but feel pampered in theprocess.

On a practical note, the gel format and bottle shape also mean the bottle can be knocked over or turnedupside down and the product won't spill, which means worry-free massages.

And to complement the new Buriti Baby range, discover some fabulous accessories with soft and gentlenatural fabrics and textures to care for baby's delicate and sensitive skin.

6. Buriti Baby Ultra Soft Wash Cloth

This wash cloth is the ideal accessory to create a lather with the body wash and shampoo. Becausethese products contain no synthetic lathering agents the fabric and water are needed to produce a lather.Buriti Baby Bamboo Hair Brush

For perfectly pampering baby gifts or great everyday bath and body care containing nurturing, naturallyderivedingredients, try the new Buriti Baby range, and shower your little one with love.

Buriti Baby Body Butter 200ml, RRP $27.95
Buriti Baby Body Lotion 250ml, RRP $24.95
Buriti Baby Shampoo 250ml, RRP $22.95
Buriti Baby Body Wash 250ml, RRP $22.95
Buriti Baby Massage Gel 100ml, RRP $21.95
Buriti Baby Ultra Soft Wash Cloth RRP $12.95
Buriti Baby Bamboo Hair Brush RRP $16.95

The Body Shop The Buriti Baby range
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