SuperZings are everyday objects brought to life in a comical hero vs. villain theme. There are more than 80 multi-coloured characters to collect, each with a matching rival. All living together in Kaboom City, there are 36 regular characters available in two different colour-themes, plus six Silver and two Gold Rare and One Enigma Super Rare SuperZing. The figures all have their own superpower and profile, use collectible Supercars to get around (eight to collect), and live in Hideouts (eight to collect) which can also be used to launch the characters into the air.

The core collectible range includes: Blind bags containing one SuperZing, hideouts including one SuperZing (eight to collect), and Supercars including one SuperZing (eight to collect). There is also a Starter Pack, plus a Blister Pack containing four SuperZings, two Hideouts and an exclusive SuperDisc Blaster.

Single Pack RRP $1.99
Hideout Single Pack RRP $3.99
Supercars Single Pack RRP $3.99
Starter Pack RRP $4.99
Hideout 4 Pack RRP $9.99
Original 10 Pack RRP $12.99

For Ages 3+.
Available exclusively at Kmart!


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