Mighty and Mammoth Pop Soft Plush Elephants

Mighty and Mammoth Pop Soft Plush Elephants

Ready for the biggest plush cuddles?


Pop Soft Plush is the new collectible plush that you will go wild for! Think pop art inspired bright and vibrant designs meets super soft plush. So adorable you will want to collect them all.

Each Pop Soft Plush Elephant has fantastic, vibrant, and whimsical designs which makes them super fun and rather cool, as well as something extra special to make them super-squeezable – beans in their belly and their legs!

And they are filled with love and fluff (that's a technical term) so they are ultra-soft!

Pop Soft Plush make great cuddle buddies, travel companions or study pals and are available in Mighty and super-sized

Mammoth sizes!


MIGHTY Pop Soft Plush Elephant

Huggable and adorable, this Mighty size Pop Soft Elephant is the perfect desk buddy and travel companion. They are around 18cm in height and have designs that are so adorable, you'll want them all!

The Mighty Pop Soft Plush Elephant range includes six unique designs and characters Pheona, Lovey, Tiger, Hailey, Bolt and Firefly.

RRP $25


MAMMOTH Pop Soft Plush Elephant

Big, bold, beautiful - and surprisingly hefty – the super-sized Mammoths are the largest of the Pop Soft Plush family. Mammoths are the best for when you need a really big squeeze! At around 30cms tall, they will snuggle their way into your hearts. The Mammoth range includes four unique designs and characters Cornelius, Sugar, Wham, and Sweetie.

RRP $40

With two different sizes and unique colourful designs, there is a perfect Pop Soft Plush friend for everyone to love.

Check out Mighty and Mammoth Pop Soft Plush Elephants instore now at Big W, Toyworld, Mr Toys, news Xpress and other independent retailers.


Review:In love with these gorgeous colourful plush elephants, bringing joy into your household.



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