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Lego Dots


Household favourite LEGO® has today announced an exciting collaboration with one of Australia's most treasured artists, Rachel Burke, to mark the launch of a new, innovative 2D play range, LEGO® DOTSTM.


Multidisciplinary designer and artistic genius behind @imakestagram, Rachel Burke, is challenging kids to unleash their imaginations at home over the holidays through a 14-day 'craftorial' series online inspired by LEGO® DOTSTM.


The first of the LEGO® DOTSTM range, which includes wearables and room decor, is all about providing a blank canvas for children to get creative with self-expression and building important life-long skills through play. 


Children are encouraged to participate in the daily 'craftorial' challenge and share their creations online for the chance to win one of five bespoke DOTSTM-inspired jackets created by Rachel Burke.


Renowned for her vibrant, tactile designs and colourful tinsel wearables, Rachel Burke's partnership with DOTSTM celebrates their shared values of creativity, self-expression and accessibility.


Rachel Burke, designer and artist, says: "Self-expression and individuality is something that starts while we're young and stays with us throughout adulthood, so I'm truly passionate about helping to foster that love of play for kids and adults alike. 


"DOTSTM encapsulates the colourful, experimental and playful character that inspires me on the daily, so it's great to collaborate and give kids the extra special chance to go wild with their imagination and create beautiful works of art along the way."


Based on multiple shapes and colourful tiles, DOTSTM is supported by an exciting portfolio that ranges from wearables to room décor with surfaces designed for individual customisation and self-expression.


To excite young creatives even more, more than 30 mood tiles are also being introduced, including facial expressions, music notes, cosmic planets, star nights, paw prints, a rainbow poo – and many more.


Being based on the LEGO® System in Play, DOTSTM products are compatible with all other LEGO® tiles and elements, meaning there are limitless ways children can DOT their world, take elements apart and redesign again to help build their individual flair and confidence.  


Angie Tutt, Senior Director, Head of Marketing at LEGO® Australia & New Zealand, says about the collaboration with Rachel Burke: "We're extremely excited to introduce DOTSTM as a new arts and crafts play offering, giving children a blank canvas for social, self-expressive play with endless, ever-changing designs and colours.


"As someone who epitomises how confidence in your creativity can have a tremendous impact, we've loved watching Rachel bring together these bespoke DOTSTM inspired pieces, and these immensely fun and engaging craftorials that we can't wait for budding crafters to explore and be inspired by."  


When creating DOTSTM, designers at The LEGO Group were inspired by internal research showing that kids are increasingly looking to shape their creative confidence through more personalised forms of play where they can explore freely and express themselves through their own designs.

This particular insight draws on a quantitative study conducted with 10,800 parents and 7,200 children across the US, China and Germany, and among the participants a total of 21,600 play observations were mapped out and used to identify the relevance and concept direction of DOTSTM


The specific DOTSTM product development phase has since been further informed by monthly hands-on play sessions, biannual focus groups and quantitative tests across US, UK, Germany and Denmark with more than 500 parents and kids over two years, ensuring the design development aligns to consumer input.


Fans excited about this new play concept will be pleased to hear that more 2D tile-based LEGO® products are in the pipeline.


Rachel Burke's DOTSTM inspired 'craftorials' will be released daily via her YouTube channel, TinselTown, from 15 April 2020. To enter the draw to win one of five bespoke DOTSTM-inspired jackets by Rachel Burke, upload your craftorial masterpieces to Instagram with the hashtag #DOTSTODOTS by 15 May 2020. 



The new LEGO® DOTSTM range is now available in Australia and includes: 


  • Wearables
    • Rainbow Bracelet (RRP $9.99) 
    • Funky Animals Bracelet (RRP $9.99) 
    • Dark Unicorn Bracelet (RRP $9.99) 
    • Cosmic Bracelet (RRP $9.99) 
    • Tropical Birds Bracelet (RRP $9.99)
  • Room Décor
    • Photo cubes - 3 animal cubes for picture displays     (RRP: $29.99)
    • Jewellery holder for e.g. rings, necklaces, bracelets   (RRP: $29.99)
    • Funky pineapple pencil holder       (RRP: $29.99)
  • Booster Bags - bags with raw coloured and decorated tiles   (RRP: $5.99)


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