Unsolved case files Harmony Ashcroft

Unsolved case files Harmony Ashcroft

Unsolved case files Harmony Ashcroft

Solve the 3 objectives to determine who is innocent and who is guilty.

Look through all evidence, except the bonus envelopes. Go to the website located on the inside front panel of the folder to determine your first objective. After reading the case, players will solve 3 objectives to move through the case.  Solutions to objectives can be checked on the online answer key.  Players will be given more evidence online after solving each objective.  If you are stuck the online answer key can also offer hints.  Once players feel they know who did it based on the evidence they check their solution on the online answer key.

Once all three objectives have been solved and you have the evidence to convict the killer, you've won!

Age 14+

Players: 2-8

Unsolved case files Harmony Ashcroft RRP: $39.99


Crown and Andrews have done it again, created a great unique game.  If you or someone you know loves crime and a good challenge, then Unsolved case files Harmony Ashcroft game is for you. Included are profiles and evidence documents that will help you unravel a real crime case. This was such a full challenge for older kids to young adults, they absolutely loved it.


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