Stainsafe & Smooth Quilt Protector

Stainsafe & Smooth Quilt Protector
Every night the human body loses an average of 1 litre of body fluids through the skin pores & mouth, as well as millions of skin flakes.

Unprotected mattresses and pillows create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria & dustmites (a major cause of asthma, hayfever, eczema & rhinitis).

Protect-A-Bed mattress, pillow & quilt protectors combine the latest fabric technolgoy with the comfort of Cotton Terry, Smooth, Cotton Quilted, Terry Quilted or Tencel sleep surfaces.

They also feature the unique Miracle Membrane - a backing film which creates a barrier that keeps dustmites, baceria & liquids out yet allows your mattress, pillow & quilt to breathe.

Smooth Quilt Protector

For healthyallergy protection; protects quilt from dust mites & liquid stains.

- Air vapour / porous - allows material to breathe
- Dust mite barrier & allergy protection against allergens such as pet hair, pollen & mould
- Waterproof - Miracle Membrane ensures absorbency, liquid & stain protecting
- Machine Wash & tumble dry/non iron @ 60┬░
- Especially helpful in cases of incontinence / bed wetting
- Prevents bacteria and dust mites breeding in your bedding
- Cool and comfortable to sleep on
- Soft, quiet and lightweight
- Press stud style

Tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 10

Available in:
Single 140 x 210cm
Double 180 x 210cm
Queen 210 x 210cm
King 210 x 245cm


Outstanding value. Terry cotton sleep surface with waterproof and breathable Miracle Membrane® andoffers complete protection for your pillow.

Everyday use - prevents perspiration & liquid stains
- Cool and comfortable - enhances sleeping comfort
- Waterproof yet breathable - acting the same way as human skin
- Effective in preventing bacteria and dust mites from breeding in your pillow & mattress (a major cause of asthma, eczema and rhinitis).
- Protects pillow from stains
- Machine wash durability rating > 100 washes @ 60┬░
- Fitted pillowcase style with zipper closure
- Soft and super absorbent
- Ultra thin with four way stretch - does not detract from the comfort of the pillow
- Excellent on all visco elastic, latex and synthetic pillows
- Tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 10

Protect-A-Bed Stainsafe Pillow covers & Smooth Quilt Protector will ensure you have a clean & comfortable nights sleep.