Songs for Babies

Songs for Babies

Songs for Quiet Time / Songs for Activity Time / Songs for Play Time

Theres nothing quite so captivating and enchanting as a new baby. Their innocence and wonder at the world around them can bring a smile to any face, and melt your heart in an instant.

We all want to give our babies the very best start in life and extensive research has shown that music plays a vital part in the development of the infant brain. It can stimulate or soothe, create a mood and calm even the most distressed infant.

Now, thanks to an inspiring new series of CDs from ABC for Babies, new parents have just the right music for any situation.

Created by renowned composer Sean OBoyle, who has been writing music for babies and small children for many years, these three albums - Songs for Quiet Time, Songs for Play Time and Songs for Activity Time - provide a wonderful collection of music designed specially to appeal to very young children.

Songs for Quiet Time is full of gentle, lilting songs and melodies that entice babies to slip into a deep, peaceful slumber. Tracks on the album include 'Sleep Baby, Sleep', 'Moonbeams', 'Day Dreams', 'Butterfly', 'Golden Slumber' and 'Starry Night'. This is a delicate, peaceful album that parents will love as much as their baby does.

Songs for Play Time takes babies on a warm musical romp through a swag of games and movements that will make them laugh, and stretch their bodies and their minds. Its full of fun and opportunities for parent-child bonding, and includes songs like 'Jumping', 'Climbing', 'Skipping', 'Follow Me', 'Hide and Seek' and 'Im a Pirate'.

Songs for Activity Time contains even more busy, active songs to encourage independence, sharing, development of aural and visual skills, and of course having a wonderful time. Tracks include 'Daisy Chains', 'Giddy-Up', 'Digging in My Sandpit', 'Whats in the Box?', 'Stop! Youre a Statue', 'Blocks' and 'Trucks'.

Every baby has an amazing capacity for learning from the world around them, and these albums provide lots of opportunities to help them develop their senses of sight, hearing and touch, as well as their coordination skills and cognitive abilities.

Songs for Quiet Time, Songs for Play Time and Songs for Activity Time are the perfect gift for any new parent, and will become a treasured part of those important early months and years, creating moods, memories and opportunities to explore the world through a babys brand new eyes and mind.

Songs for Quiet Time, Songs for Play Time and Songs for Activity Time Available at ABC Shops, ABC Centres, ABC Online and leading music retailers.

RRP: $14.95